Multi-Bag Options Runners

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Review

We really couldn’t have timed our call of the market reversal any better, and in fact, our handling of the whole coronavirus issue has been extremely fortuitous by all accounts. Our targets, the
SPY 03/13 $298-301 Calls, were able to see some excellent new highs on the strength of the rebounding market.

The following gains represent the lows subsequent to Friday’s call of these plays to the new highs recorded yesterday:

SPY 03/13 $298-301 Calls
$298: 5.67-14.21 (+151%)
$299: 5.44-13.97 (+157%)
$300: 4.65-13.42 (+187%)
$301: 4.54-12.47 (+175%), Inc. JD

We also had the JD Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls, which we offered up fresh for yesterday’s report. Despite China fears abounding, this Chinese retailer dropped solid earnings and performed exceedingly well on the day.

All of our target contracts enjoyed significant multibag moves on the day.

JD Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls
$39.50: 1.91-4.60 (+136%)
$40: 1.55-4.17 (+169%)
$40.50: 1.30-3.60 (+177%)
$41: 1.02-3.40 (+233%)
$41.50: .85-2.75 (+224%)

We’ll roll up to the JD Weekly $42.50-43.50 Calls to stay closer to the action as we head into the midweek point.

Fresh Ideas:
KSS Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls
TGT Weekly $109-111 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

4-Pack of Options Ideas & More

Trillium Therapeutics, Inc. TRIL – Recap

Our stock calls continue to produce ample opportunity for big gains, with TRIL being the latest in recent ideas to make a serious mark.

We tagged TRIL in our extended watchlist on Tuesday morning, and that day it registered a low of 1.08. Yesterday, the stock shot to a fantastic new high of 3.43. That works out to profits of up to 218% for any of our readers who caught Tuesday’s alert.

We have been killing it on both the stocks and options fronts here in 2020 so far. We expect that trend to continue indefinitely, and hope you’ll stick with us to see it all play out!

Fresh Options Ideas
INFY 01/17 $10-12.50 Calls
SNX 01/17 $135-145 Calls
KSS 04/17 $50-52.50 Calls
SPY Weekly $326.50-327 Calls*

*Never attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds. 

Solid Stock and Options Calls

Myovant Sciences Ltd. MYOV

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we included MYOV in our Extended Watchlist for the day. It was a stroke of perfect timing, as it would end up the day’s top traded play on the NASDAQ.

The stock had been trading in a lackluster fashion for an extended time period, but the company’s revelation of completed prostate cancer treatment trials and plans to submit to the FDA, helped generate some really nice activity in the stock that is spilling over into the premarket today.

We’ve seen two distinct swings thus far, with MYOV first running from 12.64-17.16 (+36%) yesterday, before pulling back to 10.37. In the premarket this morning it has surged back to 15.31, a 48% upswing. We’ll be eager to continue tracking this interesting activity.

Kohls Corp. KSS

We also had a range of bearish options ideas in the Kohl’s chain in yesterday morning’s newsletters, and thanks to a poor showing on earnings, we saw deep decline in KSS stock despite the fact that we are headed into the thick of retail season.

Our ideas were the Kohls Corp. KSS Weekly $53.50-51 Puts, which put forth the following gain opportunities on the day:

$53 Calls – Range: 3.07-5.92 – Max Gain: 93%
$52.50 Calls – Range: 2.80-5.30 – Max Gain: 89%
$52 Calls – Range: 2.64-5.00  – Max Gain: 89%
$51.50 Calls – Range: 2.10-4.30 – Max Gain: 105%
$51 Calls – Range: 1.80-4.00  – Max Gain: 122%


Fresh Options Idea
Target Corp. TGT Weekly $119-123 Calls 
Canopy Growth Corp. CGC Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: