Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MYEC, MEDT, CLF Options

Good Morning Traders, we hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend! We are more than ready to get back down to business today. Let us start off by congratulating ourselves for a job well done. Thursday’s mention of EXMT landed us a spot of Penny Stock Rumble’s top gainers list.

We are bringing you two sub-penny picks this morning that we feel have a chance to do as well, if not better than EXMT.


MyECheck, Inc. MYEC

MYEC got pushed down in March from .035, gapping down to sub-penny prices, where it is currently. We always scan for opportunities such as this, when a play like MYEC begins to recover from such a backslide. On Thursday, the play set off our bounce alarm, and we are extremely anxious to see how the momentum it built carries over into this new week.The chart below shows the recent history of MYEC. We can see that the stock traded very little leading up to the month of March, and all of the sudden, in a surge of volume, it gets taken off of a cliff. We definitely want to exercise caution with MYEC, while at the same time hoping to hitch a ride as this stock gradually begins to build back its PPS. The past few trading sessions have seen higher lows and higher highs, so MYEC starts this week as one of the stocks near the top of our watchlist.


MediaTechnics Corp. MEDT

MEDT is another sub-penny prospect that we are looking at this morning. It set off our scanner on Thursday, trading abnormally high volume, and making a tremendous surge to the upside. We are looking at two key levels of resistance at present, at Thursday’s high of .0019, and a recent swing high of .0022.Any time this kind of activity shows up, you can bet that we are paying close attention.

MEDT has also had its hands in the medical marijuana sector, recently releasing a PR that outlined the company’s plans to sell $500,000 in LED grow lights to Evergreen Systems Incorporated over the next year. That places MEDT in the ever-growing group of cannabis-related stocks that we are tracking.


Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. CLF – Options Trading

This is a big-board stock that recently saw a gap-down. Already up 3% in pre-market trading today, we are categorizing CLF as a recovery play. We’d like to see it return to the 21-22.00 range. Right now, we are paying close attention to the 19.50 Calls, which closed at .31 on Thursday. Should the stock return to the previous levels mentioned, these calls could be trading in the 1.50-2.50 range.