Blue Horseshoe: MYEC, GOFF & Extended Watchlist

MyECheck, Inc. MYEC

MYEC went on to have a solid performance yesterday, trading over two times its three month average volume after appearing in our morning reports. The stock dipped as low as .0034, before surging ahead to .005. That marks a potential gain of up to 62% for sharp traders.

We also noticed that the company released its annual report yesterday, which included a plethora of information, including an updated share structure:
MYEC has 3,262,470,000 common shares outstanding; of which 261,230,529 are free trading. As of yesterday, OTC Markets had MYEC placed at a market valuation of$18.96 Million.

The MYEC business model is interesting as well. They offer a proprietary method for clients to accept and clear fully electronic checks, and they do it with significantly lower processing fees than other methods.

The chart is also looking ripe, with a Hammer formation having formed. A hammer occurs when a stock goes lower than the open price, then surges later in the session into a closing price which is equal to or greater than the open. The resulting candlestick forms the shape of a hammer.

We can also see other indicators that the chart may be taking a bullish turn, apart from the solid gains that were made possible during yesterday’s trading. It was the fifth consecutive day of higher highs and higher lows. Moving forward, we’d like to see support hold at .004.


Goff Corp GOFF

As most of you know, we scour the markets on a daily basis, scanning thousands of potential plays for any telltale signs of percentage gains in the making. GOFF set off our abnormal volume alarms, with volume exploding for the first time in the stock’s history.

After appearing in our reports on March 18th, at which time it was trading at around .25, GOFF managed a high of .54 yesterday, marking a gain of 116% that was achievable in less than two week’s time.


Extended Watchlist: