AMR, BAC, PROT, EXTO – Stocks Today

AMR Corp. (American Airlines) AMR

We’ve had AMR on our radar since the stock dropped off a cliff and fell down to the .20-.30 range recently. The surge of course-corrective momentum that has flooded back into the stock is what is catching our attention here.

AMR filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 29th, resulting in a huge selloff, and as in many cases of bankruptcy, a rebound play is following. Of course, we are not calling this a long term play, but the opportunity for quick gains while the stock still has momentum exists.

Bank of America Corp. BAC

We mentioned Bank of America yesterday, and so far, our assertions were correct. The stock is continuing to push steadily higher after finding a recent bottom. It looks like the closing weeks of 2011 are going to be a good time for investors to position themselves to make a tidy profit in 2012.

Closing at 5.89 on Wednesday, it still appears that the next main level of resistance won’t likely materialize until the 6.60-6.75 range.

Proteonomix, Inc. PROT

The last time we mentioned PROT, it ran from .40 to to .75 for an 87% increase. The stock is now back to the level of our original alert, and we are seeing a level of buzz and excitement building around the stock in various newsletters.

We just want to put it back on our radar after seeing the kind of results that a small round of promotions brought last time around.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO recently dipped to just below .005, thus we wanted to include it in our mentions once again today. The stock has been looking like its beginning another uptrend over the past couple days. We have been with EXTO for a long time, all the while being brought opportunities time and again from this stock. We see no reason why this time should be any different.

On a side note, it is still up more than 140% from our original alert six months ago, and to be truthful, it will probably remain on our watchlists for another six.