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Premier Beverage Group Corp. PBGC

We have seen PBGC’s ability to make strong gains. When we first alerted the stock, it shot from from its current level up to .45 on great volume, gaining more than 35% before receding back. Since then, PBGC found its way down to a low of .21 before rising back up to .30 to close yesterday’s session.

Along with recently upgrading their products to contain all-natural ingredients, the company has also launched a new website as outlined in this morning’s PR.

Moving forward, we would like to see PBGC hold support here at .30. It is quite possible that the stock will make another run toward its previous high.

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Premier Beverage Group (OTC: PBGC) has already changed the face of the premium functional beverage market niche with its new and exclusive all-natural energy beverage formulation and its equally new and distinctive iconic packaging for its OSO line of premium energy beverages. Today, Premium Beverage Group has further changed this fast-growing market as it unveiled a sleek new website, www.osobeverages.com, highlighting its alternative new energy beverage, OSO. “Custom formulated and manufactured in Austria using only the purest spring water, OSO is an all-natural energy beverage,” according to Fouad Kallamni, Premier Beverage Group’s President. “OSO is also the only commercially-available product with exciting, designer-created premium glass bottling, suitable for even the most up-scale venues. Now, OSO has a sleek new website, www.osobeverages.com, which is fully consistent with the high quality of both our all-natural formulas and our tailor made packaging.