AAPL, MWIP & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL

AAPL has always been a passing focus of ours. We were able to take advantage of this tech giant several times last year, especially with regard to options trading. Yesterday the stock saw a move off of its low of 454.12 to close at 468.22. Any time you are able to see a 1-3% move on Apple, you can be rewarded with gains into the triple-digits out of the options. For those unfamiliar with this aspect of trading, downtrend signals a play for the Puts, and of course the opposite trend requires purchase of Call contracts.

AAPL is trading up over 470.00 pre-market this morning, so it looks like we are in an uptrend with key resistance at the 20DMA of 474.83. A break past that area would mean big profits on the Call side of things.  We will be looking at both puts and calls with a strike price close to the money today, most likely at 470.00, and 475.00.


MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

We called a pullback on our marijuana stocks in the middle of the week. Yesterday signaled the end of the consolidation period for many of those stocks, as MJNA, HEMP, ERBB, all began to bounce back.

MWIP on the other hand, has seen three days of gains in a row, and yesterday the stock touched a new high. We have a favorable chart pattern here; the RSI is in the power zone, with the Slow STO having just crossed, and the PPO gearing up for a cross itself.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving MWIP a “100% Buy” Rating


Extended Watchlist: