XCHC, BMSN, ENTB & Extended Watchlist

Those of you who’ve been reading our newsletter for long enough, remember that we were one of the very first to start tracking the medical marijuana sector as a whole. Many of the plays contained in our first widespread account of marijuana stocks on October 16th even appeared prior to that report. Since that time, we’ve had several follow-up reports, covering close to a dozen different hemp stocks.

The X-Change Corporation XCHC

A few weeks ago we added XCHC to that group, and it seems we did so at just the right time. The week we brought it into the mix, the stock was trading as low as .0521, and has since hit a high .195, representing a profit of 274% in just three weeks. Though you might see others covering the stock presently, as regular monitors of the stock newsletter circuit, we were most assuredly the first to show up to the party.

Some of the other stocks in the cannabis arena have been seeing pullbacks of late, so we continue to monitor those for any upcoming bounce opportunities that we will certainly pass along, as always..

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN
& Entest Biomedical, Inc. ENTB

After seeing recent runs from these two biotech stocks, both saw pullbacks, and subsequent rebounds to add to our recent win streak.

ENTB found support off of .0047 after running from .001-.0106

BMSN ran from .0003 to .0165, before pulling back to find support at .0071.

We’ll need to see both of those mentioned support levels hold moving forward, in order to continue to hold our interest. Consolidation periods can be good after multi-day runs like we’ve seen here. It is often caused by profit-takers exiting stage-left, and gives us a chance to see some new blood churn into the stocks, and laying the groundwork to give rise to the next upswing.

Extended Watchlist: