Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MU Recap & More

Micron Technology, Inc. MU

On Friday morning we spent most of our report updating readers on several great stock calls we’ve made in recent weeks, but we did include one fresh options trading idea, and we’re pleased to report that it was a resounding success, and a greta opportunity to daytraders to nail down some quick profits.

We targeted the MU Weekly $43-45 Calls and the whole range took off for the following impressive single-session gains:

$43 Calls – Range: .97-2.50 – Max Gain: 158%
$43.50 Calls – Range: .68-2.05 – Max Gain: 201%
$44 Calls – Range: .32-1.50 – Max Gain: 369%
$44.50 Calls – Range: .17-1.07 – Max Gain: 529%
$45 Calls – Range: .08-.68 – Max Gain: 750%

Our quick-strike options prowess has been second to none for quite some time now, and MU was another shining example of that! Big cheers to anyone who was able to take advantage.

Adobe Systems, Inc. ADBE – Fresh Options Idea

For a fresh idea, we’re going to signal a longer-term set of contracts in the ADBE chain. The stock has a fairly predictable trading pattern, and appears to be approaching an up-cycle in the days or weeks ahead.

If we can see ADBE maintain support at or above 258.49, we are going to be very interested in the ADBE 10/26 $260-265 Calls.

Cool Holdings. Inc. AWSM

Also in Friday morning’s report was a tag of AWSM. We had just noticed it’s big day in the prior session, and included it in our daily watchlist.

The stock made an absolutely monstrous single-session run for something trading in the $11-range, running from a low of 11.11 to a high of 22.61 for a 104% intraday move. It also closed more than 80% in the green on the day!

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TSLA Rebound & More

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

We’re looikng at TSLA from a purely technical perspective, not paying much mind to the company’s reduction in standard available vehicle colors to simplify production, especially since the removed colors are still available at a small added cost.

The stock has recently shown signs of a bottom-bounce, and we’re going to want to be ready with some options trading possibilities if it can mount a reasonable rebound. We’re going to put the TSLA 10/06 $285-290 Calls on watch in the days and weeks ahead.

Tilray Inc. TLRY

We also wanted to backtrack a tad to our summer coverage of TLRY. We tagged this stock in our watchlist several times between July 20th and the present. Our observed low was at 21.50, and in an incredible multi-week run, the stock subsequently reached a high of 97.36! That’s an eye popping 353% which, for that to occur in a $20+ stock in roughly six weeks time is practically unheard-of!

To provide another related idea going forward, we’re going to begin tracking the TLRY 09/21 $91-93 Calls in forthcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Trio of Post-Earnings Options Ideas

Trio of Post-Earnings Options Ideas

As our regular readers are more than aware, we are always looking in the earnings calendar to find potential quick-strike options trading opportunities. After a strong earnings report, chances to take advantage of the clamor for shares are often plentiful.

This morning we’ve got three separate ideas, to help us try to do just that. After solid reports all around we’re looking to formulate ideas for The TJX Companies, Inc. TJX, Advanced Auto Parts, Inc. AAP, and Kohls Corp. KSS options chains.

TJX 06/15 $85-90 Calls
AAP 06/15 $120-130 Calls

KSS Weekly $67.50-69.50 Calls

Agile Therapeutics, Inc. AGRX

Another thing we’re always looking for is bottom-play opportunities. We want to place AGRX on watch after seeing the stock get absolutely crushed over the past few sessions.

The short interest has risen dramatically as you can see on the AGRX page of Naked Short Report, and caused a serious gap down to perhaps unsustainably low levels. When an influx of buyers looking for a bargain comes in, we could see that gap begin to fill. We’ll have it on a close bottom watch.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Another Week Off to a Great Start

Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG
After outlining some potential opportunities in the options chain, ISRG behaved as we hoped it might yesterday, and delivered in a big way.

The Weekly $385 Calls made a 22% move from 21.50-26.20. The Weekly $395′s fared even better, with a daily low of 11.60 giving way to a 17.02 close; good for up to 47% in profits.

There were even big-time chances on the longer term Calls we mentioned, for example, the October $420 Calls ranged from 17.36 all the way up to 24.60, a 42% rip.

We’ll continue to track the Call-side on ISRG as provided by a continued trend off of its recent relative bottom.

Solar Wind Energy tower, Inc. SWET

We tried to give our readers advance notice on SWET and the chart’s potential for a nice move up, first bringing it up on Friday, and focusing in again in yesterday morning’s report. We were happy to see things take a northerly turn to kick off the week, as the stock ran 18% intraday from .0193 and reaching .0227, a solid 23% increase from Friday’s low of .0185.

We still like the look of things with regard to the chart, and with oil & gas spiking it can provide a boost to solar plays like this one, as we’re now witnessing. We’ll keep SWET on our radar screens as the week progresses, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see further opportunities come down the pipe.

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc GWPH

GWPH was a stock that we were tracking along with the large group of cannabis-related stocks earlier this year. On January 27th, we had it listed among several plays that we felt could provide continued opportunities, and over the past few months, it has become a real success-story for us.

Coming from the $50-range back in late January, the stock made an extremely nice move to the tune of roughly 65% up to the low $80′s.

After a period of consolidation in which it came all the way back down to find support at 41.86 (Apr 15th), and we’ve now seen it trend up once again, reaching 79.24 on Thursday, an added 89% increase. So the opportunities have certainly been present, and the stock is gapping up even higher in the pre-market on the heels of an apparently well-received PR released at 7am this morning.

We also want to radar the $80-85 Calls on the options side of things, to maximize our potential even further on this play.

LONDON, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) (GWP.L) (“GW,” “the Company” or “the Group”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, today announced physician reports of efficacy and safety data on 27 children and young adults with treatment-resistant epilepsy who have been treated with GW’s investigational cannabidiol (CBD) product candidate, Epidiolex(R), for a period of 12 weeks. >> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:
DDD ($52-53 Calls), FST, WAVX, AGRX, GIGA, PNBK