Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GNID, SGBY Reviews & More


GNID was far and away the best call from yesterday morning’s report. It wasted no time running out of the gate hard, and making a huge push from its morning low of .078 up to .205 before lunchtime.

That impressive move worked out to an intraday pop of 163% on greater-than-average volume, a highly respectable single-session run.

The stock maintained more than half of its daily advance into the close at .15, and registered higher highs and higher lows for the fourth straight day, so we’ll keep it on our radars moving forward in the event of a continuation of that pattern of momentum.

Signal Bay, Inc. SGBY

We tracked SGBY on a major run at the beginning of this month that took the stock from a low of .0103 up to .03, a 191% swing. It spent the following weeks under consolidation, ultimately finding support off of the .0068-mark last week.

Yesterday, SGBY had returned to a high of .02, marking yet another upswing, this time amounting to 194% We’re going to want to stay on SGBY’s trail as we cruise through midweek, as a return to the highs we witnessed at the beginning of the month from current PPS levels would spell gains approaching 100%

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WFC (In-the-Money Calls)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting the Cannabis Sector

Marijuana Sector Heating Up Again

Last year at this time, we were in the midst of one of the most exciting times for an individual sector that we’ve ever witnessed. You’ll recall that the 2014 New Year brought the beginning of the first legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, and as a result the interest in cannabis and related stocks went absolutely through the roof. The months-long free-for-all was punctuated by dozens of ‘pot plays’ making astronomical gains, and it went down in the books as one of the most exciting mega-trends we’ve ever lived through.

While we don’t expect to see anything of that hype-fueled magnitude this year, we did notice a significant rise in activity in several of the marijuana stocks that we’ve tracked all throughout 2014 ramping up at the end of last week, so we thought this morning would be a good time to call some attention back to the legal/medical cannabis arena.

Friday’s list of gainers read like a symbol-for-symbol recap of our pot stock watchlist. Among those, the most impressive were ones that we are used to seeing make incredible moves:


*If you’d like to inspect our history with each stock, you can check the archives by typing  and replacing the blank space with whichever symbol you’d like to pull up. It will furnish you with a chronological listing of each article that we posted on a given stock. (Note that this method can be used for any symbol we’ve ever covered, making us 100% transparent- just another reason why we feel our newsletter is the best around)

We will continue to make the monitoring of the cannabis sector a high priority for us as we settle into the New Year. More and more initiatives are being voted on all the time, and as we’ve been saying since 2012, the legalization of marijuana throughout the United States is going to play out like a domino effect. With measures having passed already in a handful of states, and several more slated to address  various degrees of the issue on impending ballots, the landscape of the industry should be expected to change and grow dramatically into the foreseeable future. Like always, we’ll be ready to capitalize on that growth as it happens.

Energous Corp. WATT

We also want to do a quick follow-up on WATT, a stock that we initially tagged on Wednesday Dec. 24th at a low of 8.40 and the stock has been on an overall uptrend in the five sessions since that time.

On Friday the stock managed to close in the 11.30’s and in the premarket today, we have seen trades go off as high as 12.65; that marks an increase over our observed low totaling 51%, so big congratulations are in order for anyone that has been tracking this play along with us.

There’s also some news out today about an agreement with an established electronics company that could help WATT speed up its wireless charging solution’s path to market. That’s a story we will definitely need to monitor moving forward:

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CHTP, TSLA, CANN & Extended Watchlist

Chelsea Therapeutics International, Inc. CHTP

This is a bio-pharma play that we’ve mentioned in the past, which has been undergoing some interesting activity. The stock recently fell off of a cliff, coming down from nearly 4.50 at the end of 2013, to find a bottom in the high 2.20’s on Monday. It was halted for yesterday’s session over the release of an FDA-approval related PR (below), and has resumed trading pre-market this morning, already up over 150%.  It will be exciting to see how the pattern unfolds today. Rest assured, we will be laying in wait for what appears to be potential breakout conditions.

Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA – Options Ideas

It’s been awhile since we delivered any options-trading ideas, and have noticed some potential with TSLA. The stock was on the move yesterday, punching over the $160-mark. We want to radar the $165 & $170 Weekly Calls (Expiring 01/18) for possible intraday flip opportunities.

For instance- The 170 Calls closed at 1.17 yesterday, and will most likely gap up this morning, to the tune of 100%. If we were to see a move to $180 out of TSLA, those contracts could potentially approach the $10-mark

Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. CANN

CANN was among a group of pot stocks that we added to our tracking list last week, and even as some of the other marijuana plays have been searching out a bottom, this one has managed to sustain its uptrend. We mentioned that it was on the rebound yesterday morning, and from its open at 8.00, the stock managed to close at 10.40. That marks a single-session move of 30%

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