Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Roundup & More

Twitter, Inc. TWTR

We had a really good idea for the TWTR options chain on Thursday morning with the Weekly $18-19.50 Calls. Not only did they make multi-bag gains on Thursday, but with another bullish session Friday, our total possible profits were extended by a significant margin.

We’ve listed the overall moves below, in addition to the intraday gains that were available on Friday alone.

$18 Calls – Overall Range: 1.00-3.95 – 2-Day Gain: 295% – Friday Intraday: 76%
$18.50 Calls – Overall Range: .64-3.38 – 2-Day Gain: 216% – Friday Intraday: 97%
$19 Calls – Overall Range: .38-2.95 – 2-Day Gain: 334% – Friday Intraday: 144%
$19.50 Calls – Overall Range: .18-2.43  – 2-Max Gain: 539% – Friday Intraday: 277%

Friday’s fresh options ideas also both worked like a charm, bringing a fitting end to what was an amazing week for our options trading ideas across the board:

Microsoft Corp. MSFT Weekly $82-85 Calls

$82 Calls– Range: 1.74-4.19 – Max Gain: 141%
$83 Calls – Range: .93-3.15 – Max Gain: 239%
$84 Calls – Range: .39-2.11 – Max Gain: 441%
$85 Calls
– Range: 12.-1.30 – Max Gain: 983%

Apple Inc. AAPL Weekly $157.50-160 Calls

$157.50 Calls – Range: 1.41-6.11 – Max Gain: 333%
$160 Calls – Range: .10-3.65 – Max Gain: 3550%

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. BONT

We tagged BONT on Thursday morning, at which time we observed a low of .68 in the stock. After a solid first session, we reiterated the tag in Friday’s report and the stock came out of the starting gate like a bolt. It traded all the way up to 1.15 before tapering back, but not before completing a two-day swing of 69% for us.

The stock’s presently hovering around a dollar, so we’ll be watching as the new trading week kicks off this morning to see if BONT can manage to string together a third session of higher highs and higher lows.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pot Stocks Take Off, Updates & More

Marijuana Sector Heating Up

We sincerely hope at least a few of our readers were able to take advantage of our perfectly-timed “Marijuana Sector Reminder” in yesterday’s morning report. Therein we reiterated an earlier warning we issued that the approaching voting season, increased judicial inquiry, and growing acceptance of cannabis could lead to another sectorwide surge.

We went as far as naming a few of our past winners we felt were prime candidates to bring us further opportunities: MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, GRNH, TRTC & ERBB, and we couldn’t have gone wrong with any of them. In a stroke of extreme good fortune, every single one of these plays was sent on a ride yesterday!

MJNA – Range: .155-.18 – Max Gain: 16%

CBIS – Range: .061-.074 – Max Gain: 21%

HEMP – Range: .036-.057 – Max Gain: 58%

GRNH – Range: .134-.225 – Max Gain: 68%

TRTC – Range: .321-.372 – Max Gain: 16%

ERBB – Range: .0167-.0209- Max Gain: 25%


We’re going to continue to keep an eye on the sector as volatility ramps up. We expect to see more good moves from these and other marijuana stocks over the next several weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to our coverage as we follow along with yet another exciting cannabis trend.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO continued to fare well on Wednesday, making positive strides in both PPS and volume each day this week since our initial report on Monday.

The stock began at a low of .0225 the first day, broke through its 50DMA trading as high as .031 on Tuesday, and yesterday it pushed its limits even further to .037. That marks a three-day overall increase of 64%

We were pleased to be updated yesterday morning on the build-out status of the marijuana testing facilities being set up by MA & Associates, in which PZOO is a 40% stakeholder. >>VIEW PR

Today, it announced the 3rd installment of Pazoo Radio as well, so in addition to a positive progression on the chart, the company has a lot going on in all other aspects as well, which is why we intend to stay hot on the trail of PZOO for the foreseeable future.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. ISNS

On Tuesday, we tagged this play stating that we wanted to “reassign ISNS a spot on our speculative watchlist.” as a result of the activity we were seeing as it came off of a bottom. At the time, we observed a low of 2.31, and yesterday, the stock attained a high of 3.46.

That marks a 50% overnight turnaround, so big cheers go out to anyone who hopped on ISNS with us!

Extended Watchlist:
VSR(News), CYTX(FDA approval), JAKK, INFN, IGC, DRD

STXS, JAKK, FNMA, FMCC, PGCX & Extended Watchlist

Stereotaxis, Inc. STXS
After appearing in our Extended Watchlist yesterday morning, STXS made a power move from 3.60-5.69, good for a 58% profit. While our timing on this alert was as close to perfect as we could hope, it certainly was no surprise. This isn’t the first time we’ve ridden this stock to large gains.We first mentioned STXS on July 30th, and at the time, it was trading as low as 2.33. By 08/06, the stock would go on to hit 10.85, for an unbelievable move of 366%

As you can see below, there is a large gap on the chart to fill from 5.64-8.02, so we’re on the lookout for a break past 5.70, which could trigger a possible move up into 8.00-range.

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. JAKK

We caught JAKK on our morning scanner yesterday as the stock was gapping up significantly. What resulted following the bell was a solid day’s performance, as we observed a run from a low of 5.68, and a subsequent high of 6.35, good for a gain of 12%

Fannie Mae FNMA & Freddie Mac FMCC

We tracked this mortgage-lending pair earlier this year to big gains, following them from the $1-range all the way up to the $5-range. (FNMA 1.20-5.44, FMCC 1.11-5.00)

We thought it was high time to re-introduce them to our watchlist, as they are breaking out once again. If past results are any indicator to the kind of gains we can expect on the current run, we’re strapping in for what could be another wild ride.

FNMA Chart

FMCC Chart

Virtual Sourcing, Inc. PGCX

PCGX comes to our attention today as a possible bottom bounce play. We’ve seen it maintain higher highs and higher lows coming off of a recent bottom.

The stock is known for making big swings in the past. Back in August it ran from .16 to 1.10, so there is a precedent for large gains from current levels.

Extended Watchlist:

FREE, PHOT, AAPL & Extended Watchlist

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

Everything we talked about yesterday ended up doing well, beginning with FREE. After opening up at .3723 the stock shot up to a high of .468, a move of 26%. Most importantly it held those gains nicely all the way through the close at .45.

This was right on par with what we had hoped to see from FREE, as it closed above the 50DMA. It seems our timing of the bounce worked in our favor, and moving forward, we’d like to see the stock continue to make higher lows and higher highs. The 10DMA of .49 and the 20DMA of .60 are going to be our next major hurdles to clear.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

PHOT went on a similarly successful run as well, following yesterday’s morning report. The stock opened up at .0719, and continued to push the envelope all day, reaching its peak at .0899 shortly before 2PM. That marked an intraday gain of 25%, and like FREE, the stock managed to hold a significant portion of those gains into the close (.0847)

That solid performance came on nearly four times the average volume, so we are going to be keeping an eye on this stock for continued momentum.

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options

The 11/01 $505 and $510 Calls that we had been tracking would hit their highs early on in the session before AAPL began pulling back from its big gap-up. The $505′s touched an ultimate high of 29.70 (Original alert in the $12-range) while the $510′s reached their peak at 26.44 (1st alerted at $10).

Both sets of contracts offered the chance to gain over 100% At that point, any good trader is taking profits off of the table and chalking it up as a win. Between now and when AAPL releases earnings on the 28th, we’ll be looking to move our strike price closer to the money, and continue to take advantage of this cash cow any way that we can.

Extended Watchlist:
BIEL, AVEW, DUSS, JAKK, CERE, CPRX, STXS, CMFO (Large gap-down watching for possible bounce)