Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Celebrating Four Great Years!

Options Wrap-Up

We’ve been going heavy on our options tracking this week, and have unearthed some real gems as usual. To close things out today, we’ll identify a couple of things to watch for once action commences. 

Apple, Inc. AAPL – To reiterate our AAPL idea, we were tracking the stock and observing for a bottom early this week, which it found Wednesday. It led to some impressive gains in the Weekly $115 Calls, and those are the contracts that we’ll watch for added activity. *Remember: Trading in options with a weekly expiration on a Friday carries an elevated risk/reward dynamic.

First Solar, Inc. FSLR – Earlier this week we saw intraday gains running from 188-579% from our FSLR ideas. We’ll roll our previous tracking range ($47-50.50) on Weekly FSLR Calls up to the $51-52 Level.

FitBit, Inc. FIT – We’ve witnessed gains approaching the 100%-mark from Weekly FIT Calls in prior sessions, but today we’re going to enter a longer-term idea into the log for extended observation. We’re interested in the FIT September 18th $64 Calls.

Sub-Penny Bottom-Watchlist

Stragenics, Inc. ASAB & Pervasip Corp. PVSP

As you can see from the side-by-side snapshot below, each of these .0008-stocks appear ready to rebound off of their recent relative bottoms, and we’ll want to be paying close attention when they do. Especially in the case of PVSP; a play that we tracked over a monster run from late-June, early-July.

American Green, Inc. ERBB

We’ve been familiar with this stock since back when it was still trading as Tranzbyte Corp., although 2015 has been a near-constant downslide for the stock. One look at the chart and it’s self-evident.

It did however, respond to the logging of a new 52-week low on Wednesday with a higher low for yesterday’s session, so we’ll want to see if it can continue to establish a higher base of support. A rebound could be forthcoming at any time, so we’ll re-submit this to our running watchlist.


Today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of Blue Horseshoe Stocks. It’s been a great ride so far, and we can’t wait for all the great things the future holds! Our thanks go out to our many valued subscribers and readers from around the globe for your continued support! Without you we’d have no reason to do what we do, so, Happy Birthday to the entire Blue Horseshoe Stocks community, one and all!

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LXRX Recap & Much More

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LXRX

Our first order of business today is to congratulate any of our readers who were able to turn our premarket alert of LXRX into hefty intraday gains.

We were given ample opportunity to do so, as a hugely significant PR left the stock positively charged for most of the session. A momentous intraday run began from an early low of 10.83 and topped out at an HOD of 13.80. That translates to a 27% jump, which is a very impressive single-session performance for a $10 stock.

If you recall, we hit this one from multiple angles; our options trading idea of tracking Weekly $10 Calls was also good for potential profits. Those contracts traded up from a low of 1.50 all the way to 3.90, which was good for gains of up to 160%

LXRX held the majority of its daily advance, which occurred on well over 30-times the 3-month average volume. That sets the stock up with plenty of momentum, and signals us to keep an eye out in coming sessions for a continuation of such. In the event that occurs, as far as options are concerned, we’d roll our strike price up to the Weekly $12.50 Calls, which already made a heck of a move yesterday from .45-2.00.


Hutchinson Technology, Inc. HTCH

We also want to give a quick update on HTCH, which we entered into the conversation via Friday’s premarket report. We witnessed the beginning of its run that day with a low of 1.60, and subsequent 22% pop to 1.95.

Yesterday, the stock set a new high of 2.25, which marked a two-day increase of 41% In order for us to remain interested in this play. we’ll need to see it continue to record higher lows.

Super-Subpenny Bottom-Watchlist

Here are a couple of stocks trading in the triple-zero range that we thought were worthy of compiling into a potential bottom-play watchlist as we head into midweek. We’ll include charts for the pair illustrating the reasoning behind that:

  Pervasip Corp. PVSP

B2Digital, Inc. BTDG

Extended Watchlist:

S, FIT($50-51 Weekly Calls), DAL, AAPL(Radar for Eventual Bounce)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PVSP Update, PLUG News & More

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

For the second consecutive session, PVSP made higher highs and higher lows yesterday. We re-focused on this old favorite at the end of last week, and caught it trading at a low of .0014. After a solid session to close out the holiday-shortened week, we once again included it in our premarket report yesterday, and the stock kicked this week off on a strong note as well.

We observed a trading range from .0015 to .0021, a 40% intraday push, and an overall range of 50% over our observed low from Thursday.

The heathly activity on the chart can be attributed in part to last week’s acquisition news; PVSP now holds, through its newly-acquired subsidiary, a 60% stake in Denver-based distribution company servicing the hydroponic and indoor cannabis grow market>> Read PR

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

Speaking of old favorites, PLUG has published a PR today which is standing out among this morning’s top news items, with a very promising announcement of their Q2 figures. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects; the company shipped more than twice as many of its GenDrive fuel cell units as it did in the previous quarter.

This news comes at an opportune time, with the stock having been undergoing a recent downtrend which culminated in the logging of a new 52-week low yesterday. We’re anxious to follow the activity after what is looking like a significant gap-up this morning, in what could turn into a noteworthy rebound-play.

LATHAM, N.Y., July 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Plug Power Inc. (PLUG), a leader in providing clean, reliable energy solutions, today highlighted strong fuel cell and hydrogen infrastructure shipments and installations in the second quarter of 2015 allowing for a record revenue quarter. The company is on track to achieve its previously announced 2015 financial targets. >> FULL PR

Prima BioMed, Ltd. PBMD

Also cropping up on our news scanner this morning is PBMD. It’s no secret that we’ve had an exceptional amount of success with various pharma plays this year, and this could be the next entry into that group.

This morning’s news suggests that the company’s flagship product, a metastatic breast cancer treatment, could be on the path to approval for European markets. The stock is trading at its lowest price since May.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA–(Marketwired – Jul 7, 2015) – Prima BioMed Ltd (ASX: PRR) (NASDAQ: PBMD) (“Prima” or the “Company”), a leading immuno-oncology company, is pleased to announce that it has received positive Scientific Advice from the European Medicines Agency (“EMA” or the “Agency”) on the development path for its lead product, IMP321 in metastatic breast cancer. >> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:
ORMP, JDST, MDBX, KALO(Bottom-Watch), OCFN (Possible Momentum-Play)