Closing Out the Week Strong, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews:

It’s a challenging time to be navigating the daily ins and outs of the current economic environment, especially with a dearth of big name earnings on the docket, but we have still been managing quite well, all things considered. Two of our three options targets went for some nice gains yesterday, and in addition to those, we have updated on a couple of longer term plays that have come into some really solid moves. 

Yesterday’s winning targets from our premarket report were the ADBE Weekly $372.50-370 Puts, and the KR Weekly $51-49.50 Puts, so we’ll have the intraday figures on those for you below. Both of the other plays from past reports expire today as well, and the moves below represent the overall increases we’ve observed since formulating the ideas. It was our report on Friday the 3rd when we signaled the ASAN 06/17 $22.50 Puts, and Tuesday the 7th when we put the GTLB 06/17 $40-45 Calls on our radar.

ADBE Weekly $372.50-370 Puts
 13.15-19.00 (+44%)
$370: 11.89-18.20 (+53%)

KR Weekly $51-49.50 Puts

$51: 1.75-2.73 (+56%)
$50: 1.00-2.01 (+101%)
$49.50: .97-1.62 (+67%)

GTLB 06/17 $40-45 Calls
$40: 2.50-7.87 (+215%)
$45: .81-4.50 (+456%)

ASAN 06/17 $22.50 Puts
$22.50: 1.82-6.20 (+241%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

ADBE Weekly $352.50-347.50 Puts*
MP Weekly $30 Calls*
GO Weekly $40 Calls*
BABA Weekly $105-108 Calls*

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned options traders.

Extended Watchlist: 

Starting Off the Week on a Good Foot

Friday’s Options Recaps 

We’re kicking off this new trading week in typical fashion by highlighting the performance of the fresh options ideas we put forth in Friday morning’s premarket report. Our pair of targets that were set to expire on the day were clear cut runners- specifically the FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls and the MP Weekly $40 Calls.

In both cases, Friday’s session brought major moves in the stocks themselves, which facilitated some incredible intraday gain possibilities for ourselves and our subscribers. Those fantastic multi-bag runs were as follows: 

FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls
$275: 2.90-7.93 (+173%)
$277.50: 1.58-5.61 (+255%)
$280: .72-3.64 (+405%)

MP Weekly $40 Calls
.75-6.00 (+700%)

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY 03/22 $389-390 Calls

New World Gold Corp. NWGC – Recap

We’ve got to swing back around to NWGC as well, a stock which we alerted back on March 4th, subsequent to which it saw shares change hands for as little .002.

This month has brought mostly positive progress for NWGC, which on Friday broke in Pennyland and set a new high of .0119. That works out to a 3-week run of 495%

Bottom Watch Plays: 

We took notice of some of last week’s biggest losers, with ALX Oncology Holdings, Inc. ALXO and Nurix Therapeutics, Inc. NRIX which both fell off of a cliff on Thursday and Friday.

Whenever we notice massive selloffs like this, we begin to wonder at what point the consolidation becomes untenable. That’s when we place stocks on bottom watch and monitor them for potential reversals, because the volatility from such situations often brings us exactly the type of quick strike opportunities we’re after. Stay tuned for the possibility of specific targets on these plays in the days ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

FDX and Other Post-Earnings Options Plays

Another Options Clean Sweep! 

Despite some definite choppiness for the markets at large this week, we have continued to perform at our highest level in terms of scouting out and passing along daily options ideas. Our picks ultimately turn out to be big movers far more often than not. Yesterday was no exception to that dynamic, as we signaled fresh targets in three options chains and came away with multibag gain opportunities all over the place.

We highlighted potential earnings plays in the CSIQ, WOOF, and WSM chains, and went three-for-three, with every single designated contract set putting forth big intraday moves. Here are the ranges and total possible gains on the table for anyone who was tracking them along with us: 

CSIQ Weekly $43.50-46 Calls
 .80-2.70 (+237%)
$44: .55-1.21 (+120%)
$45: .40-.81 (+101%)
$46: .29-.53 (+83%)

WOOF Weekly $25 Calls
$25: .10-.35 (+250%)

WSM Weekly $145-155 Calls 
$145: 9.89-22.53 (+128%)
$150: 5.92-16.90 (+185%)
$155: 3.00-13.00 (+333%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ll try to keep the Winning Options Express rolling down the track this morning with a potential swing trade candidate in NNOX, along with earnings reporters FDX and MP.

NNOX 04/01 $46-47.50 Calls
FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls*
MP Weekly $40 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are a seasoned trader with access to disposable funds. 

Extended Watchlist: