Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CNXS Recap & More

Connexus Corp. CNXS

After initially tagging CNXS on Thursday May 25th amid a major spike of bitcoin hysteria, we witnessed a low of .0007 in the stock, and in the six sessions that have followed it has been building up quite a head of steam.

From that initial observed low, CNXS has gone on to hit a high of .003. which represents a very nice move of 329% while volume over this recent period has been heightened considerably.

We’ve been noticing a few other newsletters finally catching on, but to our knowledge we were the first to the party on CNXS. We’ll continue to monitor its progress moving forward, and will remain interested provided it holds support at or above a previous area of resistance at .0018 on any pullbacks.

FitBit, Inc. FIT – Options Idea

After sitting on the sidelines for many months on FIT, and watching the stock get crushed, we’ve seen it beginning to come up off of its recently established 52-week lows and are beginning to see it as a potential value play.

If our inkling is correct, a play of FIT stock itself would likely work out rather well over the longer term, but as our readers are aware, we like to try to score big with options plays when an opportunity presents itself.

In this case, we’d like to signal a range of extended-term contracts with an August expiration, namely, the FIT 08/18 $5-7 Calls. This will give us plenty of time for FIT to restablish itself and hopefully mount the recovery that appears possible given the current look of the chart.

Celsion Corp. CLSN

Speaking of bottom plays, we’re noticing that CLSN has recently registered a new annual low on Wednesday, and has been attempting to gain some traction and come up off of that bottom.

With the stock very close to extreme oversold territory, we’ll want to place it on watch as a possible rebound play.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings Season Continues to Yield Results

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – Update

We caught SRPT yesterday after the stock had just registered a new annual low on Tuesday, and recognized an opportunity to pounce on some short-term gains using the options chain. We said we wanted to see the stock flirt with the swing high from the previous session, and it did just that. Our options idea of tracking the SRPT Weekly $10.50 and $11 Calls worked out immediately.

We witnessed a range on the $10.50’s from .40-1.35 (+237%) and from .39-1.01 on the $11’s, an intraday pop of 159% But those big gains are going to pale in comparison to the new highs we’re going to witness this morning as the stock has gapped up with vigor in the premarket this morning to a new high of 14.40.

In the stock itself, that’s an impressive overnight swing of 38% and as we said, those options contracts are sure to show us new highs as things get going today. All in all we’d have to say that we made a heck of a bottom call on SRPT, and will continue to track its progress.

Options – More Updates, More Ideas

We also want to follow up with the Idea we had from earlier in the week, the BP Weekly $32-33.50 Calls, which already provided us gains ranging from 30-95% on Tuesday. There were intraday profits to be made for the second straight day, which were as follows:

$32 Calls – Trading Range: 1.55-1.88 – Max Gain: 21%
$32.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.10-1.40 – Max Gain: 27%
$33 Calls– Trading Range: .62-1.06 – Max Gain: 71%
$33.50 Calls – Trading Range: .35-.57 – Max Gain: 63%

We had a good two-day run with BP, but with Q1 earnings season in full swing, its time to turn our attention to the next opportunity.

That’s going to come in the form of Facebook Inc. FB options. The stock is gapping up to new all-time highs at the moment in the wake of its own earning beat, currently trading over $121 in the premarket.

Provided it holds support at the previous all-time high of 117.59 on any pullbacks, we are going to want to pay close attention to the FB Weekly $118-122 Calls. If the momentum appears strong enough, we may even consider rolling up our strike price to the $123-level and higher, as the situation dictates.

Others to Watch

Finally, we have a couple of other plays to add to a watchlist this morning. Aeterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS, and Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IMNP.

We first began tracking AEZS in 2016 in late January, shortly before witnessing a low of 2.71 (02/11). The stock has made a couple of nice moves in recent months, and is currently gapping up in the premarket to new high 4.87. That represents an 80% over our observed low from a few months back. We’ll have our eye on its activity as things kick off this morning.

In the case of IMNP, we’ve got a stock that has seen a good deal of insider buying, and is trying to maintain an uptrend off of its recent lows over the past few sessions. It’s gapping up slightly this morning to .43, so we’re going to want to watch for a break of the current 50DMA of .46 today.

We also want to pay attention to Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc. DWA which we signaled in yesterday’s report over buyout talks that were occurring. The buyout has been confirmed, so hold on to your hats if you made entry at yesterday’s prices!

Extended Watchlist:
MITK, FIT, DLB, ABKI(Bottom-bouncer)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Big Options Winners & More

Friday Recap: Huge Options Success

Even during such times when big stock gainers are difficult to come by, we’ve managed to balance the scales with some excellent options ideas. It hasn’t been just a few either, a fact to which our regular readers can surely attest. It’s been one great idea after another, and Friday’s premarket report included still more premium chances for big intraday profits!

Our specific targets were UVXY Weekly $33-35 Calls, and SPY Weekly 205-203.50 Puts and there were no contracts within the specified ranges that didnt make an appreciable move during the session. The epic moves were as follows:

Pro-Shares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) Calls
$33 Calls – Trading Range: 1.01-4.70 – Max Gain: 365%
$33.50 Calls – Trading Range: .80-4.13 – Max Gain: 416%
$34 Calls – Trading Range: .59-3.70 – Max Gain: 527%
$34.50 Calls – Trading Range: .45-2.82 – Max Gain: 526%
$35 Calls – Trading Range: .26-2.85 – Max Gain: 996%

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) Puts
$205 Puts – Trading Range: .78-2.63  – Max Gain: 237%
$204.50 Puts – Trading Range: .54-2.17 – Max Gain: 302%
$204 Puts – Trading Range: .33-1.60 – Max Gain: 385%
$203.50 Puts – Trading Range: .20-1.17 – Max Gain: 485%

Big cheers go out to any of our readers who were with us on these monstrously successful calls (and puts) on Friday! As we said, most of the options ideas we’ve been formulating have been home runs, and these plays were no different.


As a bonus idea, we included a flag of the FitBit, Inc. FIT  Weekly $30 and 29 Puts, and some stellar gains were possible there as well:

$30 Puts – Trading Range: 1.00-2.80  – Max Gain: 180%
$29 Puts – Trading Range: .54-2.17 – Max Gain: 302%

Bottom-Watch Plays

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. MHRC

We’re going to signal our interest in MHRC as a potential bottom-play this morning, and a quick viewing of the chart will show why. The stock has been beaten senseless in recent sessions, and is well into what we’d characterize as heavily oversold territory. It has managed to register higher lows in each of the past three sessions, so we’ll be watching for a continuation of that trend up off of the recently recorded 52-week low.


SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

We’ve had our eye on SUNE as the apparently undervalued stock was searching for a bottom. We were looking for solid signs that it had found that bottom and was readying for a rebound, and over the past couple of sessions, we’ve seen the signals we were after. We’re going to officially place this one on watch as we kick off a new week, as we feel the stock to be grossly undervalued at the current PPS.

Trader’s Chat Winner

We also want to give a quick shout-out to DJ from our live trader’s chat* on Friday, who called out the NFLX $105 Puts which subsequently ran from .25-1.63 (+552%). Cheers, DJ!

*Remember, any of our valued readers has to do to get in on our daily trader’s chats, is log into (or create) your Skype account and send a contact request to ‘stocksumo’. We’d be happy to allow any interested parties to participate!

Extended Watchlist: