2000% Options Gainer, Fresh Ideas!

HUGE Options Gainers: 

We were very pleased with the performance of our targeted options plays in yesterday’s premarket report, in which we tagged four separate options ideas. Out of those plays, three were absolutely hot on the day, producing some nice chances for a daily profit. Be sure to read on, because today’s report features a 5-pack of fresh potential plays!

As for yesterday, we had the NFLX Weekly $260-252.50 Puts, the PG Weekly $160-162.50 Calls, the IBM Weekly $131-133 Calls on our radar, and here were the highly respectable performances they logged for the session, including a TWENTY-BAGGER in the PG chain:

NFLX Weekly $260-252.50 Puts
$260: 13.95-47.50 (+241%)
$257.50: 11.81-40.50 (+243%)
10.10-42.05 (+316%)
$252.50: 10.00-37.43 (+374%)

PG Weekly $160-162.50 Calls
$160: .68-4.50 (+562%)
$162.50: .11-2.38 (+2063%)

IBM Weekly $131-133 Calls
 3.45-8.49 (+57%)
$132: 2.50-7.35 (+146%)
$133: 1.85-6.52 (+252%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LRCX Weekly $475-485 Calls
CSX Weekly $35-37 Calls
BX Weekly $123-126 Calls
CVNA Weekly $91-88 Puts
TSLA Weekly $1040-1060 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VLTC Recap & More

Voltari Corp. VLTC

A unique opportunity presented itself when billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn disclosed his increased position in VLTC (52% ownership) on April 1st. We tagged the stock in our premarket report that morning as it was gapping up, and have become more and more pleased with that decision as time goes on.

After witnessing a low of 2.18 the following day, it has been mostly northward movement as the stock has slowly but surely made its way to impressive new highs. We’ve been tracking it all along the way, with routine followup mentions on the 8th, 10th, 16th, and again in yesterday’s report.

During yesterday’s session VLTC made a nice move from a low of 8.75 to a new 52-week high of 10.41 at the close. It marked a healthy intraday run of 19%, and represents an overall increase of 377% from our observed low on April 2nd.

Anyone trading in this play has certainly thought of taking profits by this point, and reasonably so. That being said, with a high-profile investor like Icahn involved, we’ll have to be sure we don’t let VLTC slip off of our radars as we go forward.

When we finally do see a consolidation off of this historic run, we’ll immediately transition into bottom-watch mode and lay in wait for a subsequent rebound.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to give a quick update on PZOO, which as our readers are aware, we’ve been tracking pretty heavily in recent weeks. Like VLTC, it was also April 1st that we re-introduced this one into the mix. We’ve witnessed many intraday swings since then, that have offered multiple opportunities for successful trades.

Yesterday, the stock made its way from a daily low .0093 and spiked 18% to a new high of .011. That means that from the low of .0049 we observed on April 6th, PZOO had increased by a total of 124% It also closed at .0105; we’d like to see the stock work toward building a base of support at that key penny-level, however on any potential pullbacks we’ll want to see it hold support at or above the channel between the current 50DMA of .0074 and .008.

As we mentioned yesterday, we’re still rather “high” on marijuana-related stocks and PZOO remains one of our favorite ones, in its unique niche of medical cannabis testing/analysis.

Extended Watchlist: