FDX and Other Post-Earnings Options Plays

Another Options Clean Sweep! 

Despite some definite choppiness for the markets at large this week, we have continued to perform at our highest level in terms of scouting out and passing along daily options ideas. Our picks ultimately turn out to be big movers far more often than not. Yesterday was no exception to that dynamic, as we signaled fresh targets in three options chains and came away with multibag gain opportunities all over the place.

We highlighted potential earnings plays in the CSIQ, WOOF, and WSM chains, and went three-for-three, with every single designated contract set putting forth big intraday moves. Here are the ranges and total possible gains on the table for anyone who was tracking them along with us: 

CSIQ Weekly $43.50-46 Calls
 .80-2.70 (+237%)
$44: .55-1.21 (+120%)
$45: .40-.81 (+101%)
$46: .29-.53 (+83%)

WOOF Weekly $25 Calls
$25: .10-.35 (+250%)

WSM Weekly $145-155 Calls 
$145: 9.89-22.53 (+128%)
$150: 5.92-16.90 (+185%)
$155: 3.00-13.00 (+333%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ll try to keep the Winning Options Express rolling down the track this morning with a potential swing trade candidate in NNOX, along with earnings reporters FDX and MP.

NNOX 04/01 $46-47.50 Calls
FDX Weekly $275-280 Calls*
MP Weekly $40 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are a seasoned trader with access to disposable funds. 

Extended Watchlist: