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No Borders, Inc. NBDR

We opened up yesterday’s report by highlighting the 337% move from .0112-.0489 made by NBDR since we tagged it last Wednesday. It is one of a number of OTC stocks we’ve been tracking in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The stock absolutely blasted off once again during yesterday’s session, this time reaching a new high of .089. That works out to a total increase of 695% in a span of just 5 trading days! We’ve done our best to continue bringing our readers chances to make quick-strike trades for profit during this crisis, and have in fact done a fantastic job of doing so.

Options Recaps

Speaking of success quick-strike trades, we also formulated an options idea in the Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE) chain yesterday morning, and were met with instant results. The stock enjoyed a solid session, as did most stocks, and it produced very respectable gain opportunities in our target range, the SPCE Weekly $13.50-16.50 Calls:

$13.50: 2.25-4.45 (+98%)
$14: 1.80-4.20 (+133%)
$15: 1.35-3.35 (+148%)
$16.50: .60-2.48 (+313%)

Our other options idea fresh for yesterday’s report was the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X (ETF) JNUG Weekly $4-5 Calls. Those also produced some nice moves on the day for us:

 1.38-2.10 (+52%)
$5.00: .89-1.47 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $240-245 Calls
WGO 04/17 $25-30 Calls

NKE Weekly $78-81 Calls

Extended Watchlist:
BSGM(>News), GALT, HAL, 

APRN Blows its Lid & More

Blue Apron Holdings Inc. APRN

We provided readers with a set of stocks that we felt were uniquely built to weather the coronavirus storm in yesterday morning’s premarket report. APRN had already begun to rise a little bit prior to that, but yesterday’s huge session really sent it for a ride.

The stock registered as the number three top gainer on the NASDAQ for its performance, which saw it trade up from a low 8.70 and hit 19.49, which represents an intraday rise of 124%. As of this morning’s premarket trading, APRN has now hit 24.50, extending our total observed range in 24 hours to 182%

With people being urged to stay home as much as possible, and perhaps with a mandatory nationwide quarantine on the way, we would expect Blue Apron’s order volume to stay at what we can only imagine are all time highs. As far as how high the stock could run, that’s anyone’s guess, but we’ll be tracking it closely to find out.

Decision Diagnostics Corp. DECN

Certain stocks on the OTC have also been enjoying solid performances in relation to the coronavirus.  The company believes that its GenViro! COVID-19 “Rapid” Kit will be in high demand after the release of new FDA guidance allowing for near immediate distribution of kits with minimal red tape.

We had placed the stock in our extended watchlist in yesterday morning’s report, and were met with a very respectable intraday move from .118-.198, which works out to a gain of 68%

Fresh Options Ideas

GILD Weekly $79-81 Calls
WBA Weekly $52.50-54 Calls
HAL 04/03 $4-5.00 Calls 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings-Related Options Ideas


We closed out the short week on Thursday with a pair of last minute options ideas, and both of those provided our readers and ourselves with the opportunity to take significant intraday profits.

United Rentals Inc. URI Weekly $134-136 Calls
$134 Calls – Range:
1.65-4.20  – Max Gain: 155%
$135 Calls – Range: .91-3.50 – Max Gain: 285%
$136 Calls – Range:
.85-2.73  – Max Gain: 221%

Union Pacific Corp. UNP Weekly $172.50 & 175 Calls
$172.50 Calls – Range: 2.61-5.07  – Max Gain: 94%
$175 Calls – Range: .84-2.95 – Max Gain: 251%


Halliburton Co. HAL Weekly $31.50-32.50 Calls
Kimberly Clark Corp. KMB Weekly $125-128 Calls

Moleculin Biotech, Inc. MBRX – Recap

We highlighted this play at the end of last month, and shortly thereafter we would observe a low of .7772. Last week, MBRX reached a new high of 1.47, which translates to a gain of 89% in roughly three weeks’ time.

The move, which filled the entirety of the topside gap on the chart, was due to Thursday’s revelation that the company’s drug Annamycin had received the FDA’s Approval for fast-track designation. At 4:30PM on Wednesday, MBRX officials will conduct a call to discuss this and other developments on a live webcast, which will be available in the Investor Relations section at

Extended Watchlist: