Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRMC Review & More

Definitive Rest Mattress Co. DRMC

To start things off this morning we wanted to provide an update on DRMC, which made an excellent intraday move to start the session yesterday.

When last we looked in on DRMC at the end of the short week on Thursday, we had just observed a decent 35% intraday run in the prior session, and left our readers with a closing thought that would end up serving us well. We noted that the stock had been trading relatively thinly as a general rule, and that “a pickup in buying pressure could really send DRMC for a ride, so we’ll keep watch for that, and for the stock to continue maintaining support above the 50DMA”

It’s a good thing that we did keep watch, because the stock would both maintain above the 50DMA (.002), and see the necessary surge in volume to make its mark. Starting out from a morning low of .0037, DRMC bulled its way up to a high of .0079 in roughly the first 45 minutes of trading. That worked out to an incredible single session rip totaling 113%  From our observed low on Tuesday (.0022), yesterday’s high registered as a two-session swing of 259%

The excellent spike in volume came in conjunction with the company’s announcement that it was adding Carbon Fiber to its list of manufacturing technologies, as well as launching its new website. >>View PR

Regen BioPharma, Inc. RGBP

RGBP is hitting our scanner this morning for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the company released a positive PR regarding one of its new drug candidates, HemaXellerate. The results of an animal study conducted at the behest of the FDA proved promising with regard to the treatment’s path to approval for clinical trials.

Secondly, RGBP represents a potential opportunity as a play trading near a recent relative bottom. We’re going to look for RGBP to record higher highs and higher lows. and hold support above Tuesday’s swing low of .12 in order for us to remain interested.

Extended Watchlist:
RMGN, FRO, MM, NQ, PZOO(Testing 3mo. Lows, on Bottom-Watch)

ERBB, AEGY, BDSI & Extended Watchlist

Tranzbyte Corp. ERBB

We highlighted ERBB on Friday and the stock came out swinging, continuing the momentum that was building in the previous session.It came out of the gate strong, running quickly from a low of .0119 up as high as .0154. That marks a respectable intraday move of 29%As the stock pulls back off of that run, we’d like to see support hold over a penny, and will be monitoring the situation for any possible bounce opportunities.

Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. AEGY

We’ve had AEGY on our radar since last spring, and after a serious increase in recent trading activity, we wanted to bring it back into the conversation. The stock has been in full-on breakout mode for the past couple of sessions, and appears to want to gap up even further this morning.  What we are going to want to do is watch carefully for any possible dip-and-rip opportunities. Stocks that gain so much ground over so short a time-frame are susceptible to high volatility and sudden pullbacks, and are often followed by what can be very lucrative bounceplays for quick-witted traders.

This is another of the medical marijuana related stocks that we’ve been tracking for a long while. AEGY, in particular, operates an online dispensary for California residents, but the list of companies that we’ve tracked cover every part of the sector, from medical to legal cannabis, to growing apparatus, and more.

To list a few of the standouts we’ve tracked over an extended time: EAPH, FITX, CBIS, HEMP, PHOT, MJNA, SKTO, TRTC, EDXC, MWIPD, EXMT, CANN, MDBX, GWPH and that’s only a partial list. Cannabis has been allowing a lot of people to cash in via the stock market, and we expect the opportunities to keep coming.

BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. BDSI
BDSI appeared in Friday’s Extended Watchlist and made a notable 16% intraday move, trading from a low of 8.18 to 9.49 on almost 15M shares traded. The spike in price and volume comes on the heels of Thursday’s PR regarding positive testing results for the pain medication the company has under development:

Extended Watchlist: