Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas & More

Options Ideas

JP Morgan Chase & Co. JPM 
- The first item on our agenda this morning is going to be to formulate an options trading idea for JP Morgan on the heels of the company’s earnings beat this morning, which has the stock gapping up here in the premarket.

We’re going to be zeroing in on the JPM Weekly $63.50-65.50 Calls for potential daytrades, and/or swing trades into tomorrow, depending on how the activity unfolds.


Seagate Technology Holdings, Inc. STX – STX has recently been making a nice move after a large gap-up earlier this week. In the premarket it is pressing past the 200DMA(30.20) and looks as if it could continue to truck higher and fill the gap on the chart to $33.

We have a couple corresponding options ideas that could be in line for some nice gains; for daytrading opportunities this week, the STX Weekly $30-31 Calls, and the STX 07/22 $30.50-31.50 Calls for potential swing trades into next week.

Updates on Recent Interests

SAExploration Holdings, Inc. SAEXLast week, we tagged SAEX as a bottom-watch play and after a few sessions of mostly sideways trading, the stock has finally begun to get some legs this week. The bottom, and our observed low, came in at .1385, and yesterday SAEX hit .298. That works out to a four session swing of 115%


Gold Resource Corp. GORO -  We’ve been tracking GORO closely since we entered it into the conversation at the end of June. At the time we had observed a PPS low of 3.19, and yesterday the stock continued to push its upper limits with a new high of 5.50. That represents an overall swing of 72% and a new 52-week high as well. Firmly in blue sky breakout territory, we’ll continue to keep an eye on GORO.


Lot78, Inc. LOTE – After tracking it to some nice gains last week, we saw LOTE pull back slightly yesterday, to a swing low of .016 before it rebounded 37% back to .022. We’ll look for the stock to retest our previously observed high of .03, the breaching of which would put this one into blue sky breakout mode as well!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RSH, KNDI, PBR & More

Some Recent Favorites on Bottom Watch

Each of the following stocks brought us large gains earlier this year, and have all been in recent consolidation patterns. They began to exhibit signs of a turnaround on Wednesday.  We want to have them all fresh in our minds in coming sessions as we scan for potential bounce-play opportunities that present themselves. 

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. KNDI

We mentioned last Friday that we would be monitoring KNDI for a bottom this week, and began to witness it yesterday as the stock came down to hit 14.79 before snapping all the way back to 16.30, a 10% intraday move. We’ll be on the lookout for signs of continued recovery.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

PBR appeared to find its low at 17.06 yesterday, and began to rebound into the close at 17.38. As our readers already know, it’s the PBR options chain that has provided us with the most opportunities this year, so once we get a good indication that the bounceback will be sustained, we’ll get a better gauge of the most interesting contracts.

RadioShack Corp. RSH
RSH took a substantial dip to the .77-range to start the day yesterday in anticipation of a disappointing quarterly earnings call taking place at 9am this morning. There was a brief bounceback over a dollar and the stock did end the day back up in the lower .90′s. Rumor has it that there is a high probability of the company declaring bankruptcy, so while there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air, we’re just going to want to monitor RSH to hold support at or above the 50DMA of .83, otherwise we may want to prepare for further decline.

Others to Watch

We’ve got another pair of plays that carry some potential as we head into week’s end, ones that have yet to appear in our reports prior to today.

Wet Seal, Inc. WTSL

WTSL was a hit on a routine scan today; the stock is gapping up this morning. We’ve noticed a large gap to fill on the chart between .90 and 1.00, and trades are presently going off in the pre-market at .73, up over 7% already. The filling of that gap and returning to 1.00+ would mean sginificant gains from here so we’ll be watching this one closely.

Natural Health Trends Corp. NHTC

Yesterday we took notice of NHTC hitting its own low point on Tuesday, and the stock did actually see a significant bottom bounce to more than $17 before pulling back into the close to fall below $13. We’ll want to keep an eye peeled to see if we can use some of that volatility to our advantage.

Added Note:
Lululemon Athletica, Inc. LULU Calls

LULU is gapping up on an earnings beat this morning, so we’ll be looking for profit-taking to create a potential dip-and-rip scenario that could lead us to opportunities in the $41-$43 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EVLI, KNDI, ADMD & More

Everlert, Inc. EVLI

We’ll continue to have an eye on EVLI into next week. The stock essentially traded sideways on relatively light volume during Thursday’s session, thus all of our observations of this play still remain true. A recovery pattern is in effect with EVLI as it reached 52-week lows five sessions ago, and has registered higher lows each day.

We’re going to be looking for EVLI to hold support at or above a nickel, while .07 is acting as resistance. A look at the chart still shows bullish indicators; the MACD which recently crossed is diverging sharply as the stock continues to trend off of its recent lows.

Kandi Technolgies Group, Inc. KNDI

We started off this short week with a note on KNDI, mentioning that it had been hit hard the previous Friday, and that we would be waiting for the dust to settle which has been occurring all week.

Currently the stock is holding support above $17, and this is going to be another one that we monitor into next week for potential rebound.

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. ADMD

ADMD caught our eye after coming down to touch .0028 yesterday, one tick above  52-week low, and then rapidly snapping back to the .005 to .006-range.

We’ll want to be ready to take quick advantage of any further rebound chances the stock might offer up from here. It was trading over a penny as recently as the third week in August and the chart looks to be ripening.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Kicking Off the Short Week

Good Morning Traders! We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend; we’re all set to start the short week off strong. We’ve got several different things to talk about this morning, so without further ado, lets take a look: 

Dig-It Underground, Inc. DIGX

DIGX is a new item of interest that we’re going to start things off with today; the stock began to move on Thursday and Friday, and will be among the top plays that we’ll be monitoring for a potential breakout this week.

Per a recent PR, DIGX management has the intent to pursue opportunities in the cannabis sector, which we know as well as anyone, can mean big things on the chart if the company follows through so we’ll definitely be paying attention to that aspect of the story.

In the meantime, the company is supported by the revenues of its existing salon business, and we really like the potential of the chart as well:

We go over the DIGX Chart, as well as some of our other items of discussion this morning in the following video:

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

PBR hit yet another new high on Friday, this time pushing to 19.74. That spelled good things for the options contracts we’ve been tracking.

The January 17th $19 Calls, which we’ve seen as low as 1.23 as recently as Friday the 22nd, hit 2.48. That’s a one-week increase of 101% so congrats to anyone who was along for the ride.

Digital Ally, Inc. DGLY

DGLY pushed to new highs on Friday; the stock made a 15% intraday move to 19.86 which represents a sizable move up from recent lows.

We began to talk about this play on August 21st, at which time it was trading at 5.75, meaning we’ve already seen an overall increase of 245%

LabStyle Innovations Corp. DRIO

We brought up DRIO as a topic of discussion a week ago today, and we were pleased at the move we saw that day as the stock bounced from a low of .065 and ran as high as .08, a 23% spike.

The stock spent the next session under consolidation, and found support Thursday at .066, just one tick above our observed low. The bounce we saw from that point on would take DRIO to a new high, reaching its apex on Friday at a price of .093. That swing exceeded the initial run, and was good for gains of up to 40%

RadioShack Corp. RSH

We were seeing new highs attained all over the place on Friday, and RSH was no exception. The stock pressed to as much as 1.77 on more than six times the average volume.  That was just shy of the next key resistance point on the RSH chart, the 200DMA of 1.79.

Considering the fact that we caught this off of its 52-week low of .55 just a couple of weeks ago, we’d say we’ve fared pretty well with RSH. As of Friday’s new high, we were looking at an overall increase of 222%

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. DRNE

On Friday morning, we mentioned that we’d “have our eyes peeled for any chances that might present themselves with a potential rebound” in DRNE, and it was a good thing that we did.

The stock proceeded to trade from a morning low of .84, hit a high of 1.04 and closed just a penny below at 1.03. That was a healthy 24% move on nearly six times the 1-month average volume.

Side Notes:

Kandi Technologies, Inc. KNDI, a stock we’ve been familiar with in the past, got hit pretty hard during Friday’s session, presumably due to an adverse reaction to an announced secondary stock offering. We’re going to be monitoring the situation there, waiting for the dust to settle. It’s possible that it could lead us to some opportunities on a subsequent rebound.

Speaking of plays we’ll be monitoring on the heels of some recent consolidation, we’ve got China Finance Online, Ltd. JRJC. We tracked this play for gains of nearly 30% the week before last, and it had been pulling back off of that spike through last week, so we’ll be watching to see where this one finds support as well.

Extended Watchlist:
PAWS, CPWR, HGSH, ASTI, JDST, ADMP, EXEL(Large gap down radar for a eventual bounce)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MCPI, DRL, KNDI & More

Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. MCPI

First up this morning is an update on MCPI, which has been a juggernaut over the past week, beginning on August 4th at a price of .355. We’ve tracked the stock every step of the way, and yesterday, were pleased to see it break over a dollar.

At the high of 1.14, we were looking at an overall increase of 221% over the span of only seven sessions. Those who may have just picked up on MCPI following yesterday morning’s report, still had the opportunity to score some quick intraday gains as the stock ran 42% over its daily range from .80-1.14.

Anytime we see such rapid gains over so short a period, it starts to feel like the time to take at least a portion of our profits off of the table. However, unsustainable increases often lead to dip-and-rip scenarios as we’ve already seen from MCPI, so we aren’t done tracking it by any means.

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

Another recent successful call is DRL, which we first took notice of back on June 9th, at which time the stock traded at a low of 3.53. More recently, we re-tagged DRL on the 23rd of July, at a price of 5.23.

No matter where you mark our starting point from, yesterday’s move to a high of 7.47 represented chances for significant gains. From the 07/23 alert, it marked a solid move of 43%, and  from our earlier 06/09 call, an overall increase of 112%

Kandi Technologies, Inc. KNDI Options

We’ve had KNDI in our reports and on our radars quite a bit this year. We’ve watched recently as the stock has consolidated over the past couple of sessions, and yesterday’s pullback to 17.03 seemed a bit exaggerated. The stock appears to be a gapper this morning, currently trading up in the high 17.50′s.

Should a reversal occur we’re going to have interest in the options chain, specifically the 09/20 $17.50 Calls. As usual, we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly as the overall trend becomes clear.

Side Note:

We want to radar NII Holdings, Inc. NIHD this morning as well, a stock that was recently hammered back to 52-week lows. We’ll monitor for the eventual bottom and any bounce opportunities that may present themselves.

Extended Watchlist: