BLDV Run, Options & More

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc  BLDV – Recap: 

We have been tagging BLDV in our premarket watchlists frequently since January 19th, and would like to go over the solid performance put forth by the stock over that two week time frame.

On the morning of our initial alert, the stock was trading as low as .0018. After stair-stepping its way up, yesterday the stock reached a new high of .0127, which represents an excellent overall increase of 605%  Even if our readers had only noticed the tag in yesterday morning’s premarket report, they had a chance to grab the stock for as little as .0059 before it rushed to that new high. That would have been good for intraday gains up to 115%

Options Update:

As is typical, we included some new ideas for options to track in yesterday morning’s premarket report, namely the BABA Weekly $255 Calls and the ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls.

In both cases, we observed appreciable moves and intraday gain opportunities for our readers, which could certainly tack on more gains before Friday. Here are the daily figures on those targets so far:

BABA Weekly $255 Calls 
$320: 7.75-13.46 (+74%)

ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls 
$322.50: 1.87-2.70 (+44%)
$325: 1.50-2.30 (+53%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPS Weekly $157.50-165 Calls
TLRY Weekly $19-19.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: