Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watch Plays & More

Soligenix, Inc. SNGX

Catching our eye off of the scanner this morning is SNGX. The stock has recently made its way toward oversold territory, is trading at a relative bottom, and we’re noticing a positive funding-related PR hitting the wires today, so we’re going to designate this as a fresh news bottom-watch play.

As you can see on the snapshot of the chart below, the past couple of sessions have seen higher lows registered off of that bottom, so we’ll look for SNGX to continue that trend, possibly with the aid of this morning’s PR. The first area of resistance it needs to contend with en route to its moving averages will be a previous support level from May (1.36), so that will be the first benchmark we’d like to see broken once a rebound begins to occur. .

PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Soligenix, Inc. (SNGX) (Soligenix or the Company), a late-stage biopharmaceutical company developing products that address unmet medical needs in the areas of inflammation, oncology and biodefense, announced today that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has exercised its option to advance the development of Soligenix’s heat stabilized ricin toxin vaccine, RiVax™ >> FULL PR

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

We tagged CBIS in yesterday’s premarket report in time to catch a nice intraday move out of the stock. We suspected that the momentum generated by some big news the day before could carry over into yesterday’s session, and that’s just what happened.

The stock ran from a daily low of .0349 to a high of .048, a respectable 38% jump which occurred on volume of roughly 8X the monthly average.

Corbus Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. CRBP – Chatroom Call

We also want to take the opportunity to highlight a call made by one of our daily traders chatroom* members. Well in advance of the opening bell ‘GTRudeBoy’ directed the room to watch CRBP, and it resulted in a nice chance for all to profit.

The stock opened at 2.80 and dipped to 2.57 before rallying to its high of 4.22; that’s an intraday move of 64% Cheers go out to ‘GTRudeBoy’ for alerting everyone to the interesting premarket activity.

*This serves as yet another great example of why we run our daily chats. We are stronger together! That’s why we routinely encourage any of our readers who’d like to get involved with our traders chats, simply send a Skype contact request to username stocksumo with “Traders Chat” in the special note. We’d be happy to have you join the fun!

Extended Watchlist:
AURI(Share reduction news)
NTAP ($31.50-32.50 Weekly Calls)
BWLD(Sept.18 $200 Calls)
CJES, ABUS(Annual Lows, Both on Bottom-Watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SOPW Recap & More

Solar Power, Inc. SOPW

On Friday, in a stroke of flawless timing, we highlighted SOPW as a potential bottom-play. The stock had been in virtual freefall for the better part of the past month. The combination of that heavy overselling and a morning PR announcing a 6-month, $50M share buyback program earned the stock top billing in our premarket report. >>> READ PR

It turned out to be a great decision, as SOPW registered a solid intraday move from 1.47-1.98 (+35%), and it managed to close just one tick below its high of day, at 1.97.

That performance firmly qualifies this play for continued observation this morning as it has effectively gone from a bottom play to a momentum play. We’ll want to be on the lookout for the possibility of some early profit-taking and consolidation, followed by a subsequent bounce.

There’s a fresh PR hitting the wires this morning that folks might want to check out >>TODAY’S PR

Auri, Inc. AURI

AURI was a great play for us at the beginning of last week as it gave us an opportunity to bank gains of more than 100%. Following the huge spike, we left off on Tuesday by mentioning that we’d “keep our eyes on the price action as the week progresses” and it was a good thing that we didn’t let it slip off of our radar.

AURI came down to ultimately find support at .0027 on Thursday, and on Friday it surged back to a high of .0061, so anyone who continued to pay attention had the opportunity to take advantage of a 126% swing.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

We also want to do a quick recap of PVSP’s performance from Tuesday to Thursday. We’ve covered this play quite a bit this spring, and on Monday, we warned our readers that another upswing could be in the making. We certainly did see one, as PVSP ripped from its low of .0009 on Tuesday past the penny-barrier to a high of .0015 just two sessions later; it marked an intraweek move of 66%

Moving forward, we’ll want to see the stock continue to build higher lows, ideally holding support at .001 on any pullbacks.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: IMGN, AURI Reviews & More

ImmunoGen, Inc. IMGN

We were hoping for a strong start to the week yesterday, and IMGN was among those stocks to provide us with the spark to get it going. We tagged this play in yesterday’s extended watchlist after noticing it gapping up pretty heavily in the premarket.

From its opening price of 11.48, the stock soared as high as 15.88, a single session spike of 38% on volume that exceeded the 3-month average by more than ten times.

We’ll always continue to keep watch over a stock on the tail-end of such a momentous burst, as there may be rebound opportunities presenting themselves on any pullbacks.

Auri, Inc. AURI

Speaking of bounceplays, AURI ended up turning in an impressive intraday performance yesterday. Just as we were patting ourselves on the back for catching a 92% pop in the stock on Friday, we explicitly suggested that there could be added opportunities forthcoming, stating:

“We won’t disregard the possibility of a bounceplay once the stock establishes firm support, so we’ll be on the lookout for that.”

We didn’t have to keep a lookout for long, because after dipping down to find support at .003 quite early in the session, the stock banged out another huge move for us, running all the way up to .0064. That marked an intraday swing of 113% and occurred on nearly three times the monthly average volume.

We’ll keep our eyes on the price action as the week progresses, being interested to see how this morning’s publications of New Shareholder Updates & Current Status and new sales distribution channels are received.

Oncothyreon, Inc. ONTY

We also flagged ONTY in yesterday’s report, and it made a notable intraday move as well. The stock traded in a range from 3.78-4.69, providing folks with the chance at modest intraday gains of up to 24%

Our timing in re-alerting this play yesterday was beautiful, as the daily high also registered as a new 52-week high. When calculated from our observed low of 2.80 following our initial alert on the stock on May 22nd, it comes in at an overall increase of 67% in just over a week’s time.

DirectView Holdings, Inc. DIRV

As we’re all aware, 2015 has been a year of heightened tensions between civilians and law enforcement, showing the growing need for more oversight into police operations. We successfully used the beginning of this trend to trade TASR options earlier this year, and we’re going to radar DIRV as a similar type of play in the microcap arena .

Like TASR, the company produces body-worn cameras, the implementation of which has been an exponentially growing trend in cities across the country this year. This morning we learned that the company has been testing on a special line of the products that includes mobile broadband technology. >> READ PR

In addition, DIRV is building a cherry of a chart at the moment, as we point out with the annotations below. We’ll place it on our watchlist moving forward.

PLUG Power, Inc PLUG

We recently rementioned an old favorite, PLUG, and said that we wanted to see it get back  to trading above its 50DMA and the stock has done that. It has been doing a good job of holding support above that mark (Currently 2.61) and we wanted to point out the PR that hit the wires this morning.

Extended Watchlist: