Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Reminder

Cannabis Reminder

With the cannabis counterculture holiday of 04/20 capping off this week on Friday, you can bet that our tracking of the cannabis sector is going to ramp up right along with many of these stocks.

It was back on the 4th of this month that we published an extensive list of marijuana industry stocks to track in anticipation of this event. For those outside the loop, “Four-Twenty” is a massive celebration each year on April 20th, to commemorate the cultural tradition of partaking in cannabis at 4:20pm on any given day. Cannabis companies use this as the perfect marketing ploy, and as a result, many do their highest sales of the year on the heels of this holiday.

A few of the plays we highlighted earlier this month have already begun to see appreciable moves on the chart. Take OWC Pharma (OWCP) for example. Since the 4th, the stock has increased from .20 to .30, a 50% rise in under two weeks.

We would expect to see similar, and even better gains coming from many cannabis stocks all across the board. That’s why we wanted to open up this week with a reminder to keep a close eye on anything even remotely tied to the space.

Just refresh, some of those stocks include, but are not limited to:


Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Roundup & More

Cannabis Roundup

We wanted to take some time out this midweek to get back to cannabis, the rapidly growing industry that we’ve always said we felt has as much or more potential than any other out there. The first quarter of the 2018 calendar year was rather low key, but with some major cannabis dates coming up, we wanted to sharpen our focus on the sector.

The 04/20 Holiday is generally a time when you see heightened visibility, and an influx of sales for recreational marijuana businesses. It’s the “Super Bowl” for many of these businesses, which will see their highest customer volume of the year.

It’s a time of increased awareness in the investment community for the space as a whole, and that’s why we wanted to refresh our running watchlist of pot stocks on our radar:

As for the ones based here in the U.S. some of our favorites (in no particular order) have been: OWCP, AGTK, HEMP, SGMD, SING, GRNE, GOHE, MCOA, MCIG, POTN, PNTV, RMHB, CANN and CBIS.

We also have July to look forward to, which marks the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, where some of the most impressive cannabis companies, like ACBFF and APHQF reside. Other notable Canadian players include ATTBF, GLDFF, GLNNF, NXTTF, MRRCF, SPRWF, and CRON.

Facebook, Inc. FB

We started off the week on Monday by signaling some options ideas, the FB Weekly $155-160 Calls. Despite a terrible start to the week for the markets as a whole, yesterday’s bounce-back helped began to provide us with the kind of moves we were looking for out of those plays.

In fact, each of three contracts in our designated range yielded the chance at multi-bag gains yesterday, with the following moves:

$155 Calls – Range: 1.55-4.27  – Max Gain: 175%
$157.50 Calls – Range: .90-2.75 – Max Gain: 205%
$160 Calls – Range: .49-1.69 – Max Gain: 245%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: INMG New Highs & More

Global Payout, Inc. GOHE – News Update

We want to relay an excerpt from a fresh PR that hit the wires from GOHE this morning. The last update we provided was concerning the issuance of a licensing agreement of the company’s wholly -owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology (>>View PR), and this morning’s press goes into deeper detail on MoneyTrac’s adoption of a new finance platform to service, among others, the cannabis industry.

GOHE’s foray into the cannabis sector is still in its beginning stages, but that’s one of the the aspects of this play that makes it attractive to us. With properly and aggressively executed plans, like the ones we’ve seen thus far, the company can make a name for itself in this still highly impressionable market space.



SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 19, 2017) – Global Payout, Inc. (OTC PINK: GOHE) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. (“MTT”) has selected the Virtu Network Solutions (“VNS”) brand to provide MTT with the financial technology platform MTT will utilize to service their clients in the alternative banking sector.

VNS offers a banking and payment platform uniquely tailored for companies and businesses in industries often viewed as “high-risk,” such as those in the cannabis industry, which is at the core of the MTT’s target market, and offers a state-of-the-art web-based platform for electronic payment processing, banking integration and e-wallet capabilities. In addition to these features, the VNS banking and payment platform also provides users with a “virtual currency type network” system that features stringent compliance and regulatory processes that the Company believes is an ideal solution for numerous cannabis-related businesses across the U.S. that are currently in need of payment processing solutions outside of those offered by traditional banks. (>> View Full PR)


For more info on GOHE visit

Innovativ Media Group, Inc. INMG

On Monday, after already tracking INMG over a series of multi-bag moves, we mentioned that the stock had built up quite a bit of momentum to close out the short week, and that we were interested to see how that carried over into this week.

It took an extra session for the next big move to begin, and it lasted for the duration of yesterday’s trading, as the stock shot up from a morning low of .006 and reached .014 for a fantastic intraday move of 133% It marked the third separate multi-bag upswing for INMG inside of the last week!

Once again the stock closed near to the high of day (.0136) on excessive volume, so we’ll continue to follow the INMG story as we head through midweek.

Morgan Stanley MS – Options Ideas

Morgan Stanley eviscerated earnings estimates with their premarket release, posting strong Q1 profits and as a result the stock is gapping up in the premarket after recently coming up off of a swing low just above $40.

We’re going to sit on the fence with two sets of options ideas in the hopper, that we’ll be able to make a decision on once regular trading commences. If MS hold support at or above the 41.00-level on any pullback, we’ll look to the MS Weekly $41-42 Calls. If the stock fails to break 43.50 on a possible run-up, we’ll shift gears and look to the MS Weekly $43.50 and $43 Puts.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas, Updates

Global Payout, Inc. GOHE – Update

On our first day of coverage we saw quite a respectable performance out of GOHE, with a solid move on the chart, along with an influx of heavy volume.

The stock traded in a range from .025 to .035 on the day, which worked out to an intraday move of 40%, with more than four times the 30-day average number of shares changing hands. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the stock, looking for the recording of higher lows and higher highs in sessions ahead.

If you didn’t catch our special report on GOHE published yesterday, then we urge you to do so now:
GOHE Special Report

American Leisure Holdings, Inc. AMLH

For another quick recap of a recent mention of ours to make significant strides during yesterday’s session, we’ve got AMLH. We included a tag of this play in Tuesday’s report, and saw a moderate pop toward the end of that session, but yesterday is when things kicked into a higher gear in terms of intraday movement.

We watched as AMLH traded up from a low of .0027 and eventually hit .0052, for a daily rip of  93% which occurred on roughly 2.5X the monthly average volume.

CarMax, Inc. KMX – Options Idea

We always like a good earnings-related options play, so we’re looking at KMX this morning, which recently showed signs of reversing off of a relative bottom.

. After a solid beat, we’ve seen a moderate premarket gap-up, and would like to signal a range of longer-term ideas that could see some appreciable gains if KMX can mount an extended comeback. We’re going to focus on the KMX 05/19 $60-$65 Calls. For a shorter-term idea, we’ll watch the KMX 04/21 $57.50 and $60 Calls.

EV Energy Partners, L.P.  EVEP

We like the look of the chart on EVEP, which we’re going to tag as a potential bottom-bouncer this morning. The stock has already strung together a few bullish sessions, and the chart itself looks ripe for the possibility of a more protracted recovery.

As you can see on the snapshot below, the RSI is on the cusp of cracking the 50-line, while the MACD just underwent a recent bullish cross and is showing upward divergence. These technical indicators put EVEP high on our list of possible recovery plays.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Special Report on GOHE

Global Payout, Inc. GOHE – Special Report

Good Morning Traders! This morning, we have a brand new item of interest to enter into our discussions in GOHE.

We like this play not only from a technical perspective, which we’ll get into in greater detail shortly, but also for the cutting edge space in which it operates. The Financial Technology (FinTech) services industry is one of the fastest growing subsectors in finance. Worldwide spending on FinTech has ballooned exponentially over the past few years, with seemingly no end in sight.

GOHE offers customized prepaid payment solutions for domestic and international organizations distributing money to their employees and members worldwide. GOHE‘s Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG) allows enterprise clients to provide direct bank account, mobile account, and prepaid card account options.

Though the company’s services can be a good fit with any number of industries, Global places a special focus on the logistics sector. The company provides a full complement of solutions on a single platform for payment process addressing each stage of logistic flow supply chain, from suppliers, to warehousing, and last-mile distribution.

The systems have the potential to reduce costs directly, through lower fees, and indirectly, via built-in compliance and risk-management protocol. All of it is easily configurable to match different jurisdictions and regulatory constrictions depending on the location where it is implemented.

In a world where much of the population is denied access to affordable banking, and downsizing businesses are constantly looking to cut their costs, GOHE is working to eliminate expensive currency exchanges and account maintenance fees traditionally charged by banks. From the perspective of company direction and future potential, GOHE couldn’t be in a better spot. The company has what we might refer to as “disruption potential” in a high-value marketplace.



As we mentioned above, there are also technical reasons for finding GOHE attractive.

If we could draw your attention to the MACD on the following chart snapshot, which is pinching toward a possible bullish cross. Each time it has done so, and the blue bars on the histogram flip up to the topside as they appear ready to do, GOHE has seen rapid moves up on the chart, the most recent of which directly followed a golden cross back in mid-February.

As you can also see, the stock has been under moderate consolidation over the past few weeks, so we’re going to be very interested to track this play for what could very well be a significant rebound.

In terms of share structure, GOHE also has a reasonably low float, with a low average volume. That means that a relatively small amount of buying pressure can really send it for a ride.

We’ll be looking for the stock to maintain support in or above the channel between the current 200DMA of .0185 and recent support at .02 on any further pullbacks.


This morning, the company came out with some exciting news as well:

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2017 / Global Payout, Inc. (OTC PINK: GOHE) (the “Company”) announced today that following a meeting of its board members, the Company has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, will be spun-out into a standalone company as a means of strengthening its current and future position within the alternative banking sector where it will provide financial technology services to businesses and companies in under-served industries that are often considered “high-risk.”

Following the spin-out, the Company will maintain majority interest in MoneyTrac and will provide the licensing services for the software and technology that MoneyTrac will use to service its clients and which will also provide a revenue stream to the Company. (>>View Full PR)


Find out more about GOHE at: