STOA & EDVP | Afternoon Updates

We featured STOA in yesterday’s morning report, after the stock, previously appearing on our extended watchlists, had shot from a low of .0095 on up to the two-cent range.

This morning, the massive gains continue as we’ve now seen a high of .065 . That level marks possible intraday gains of  225 % from the low of .02, as well as a cumulative total of 582% from when we first alerted it.

We’ll be monitoring STOA as the break-out continues.


Endeavor Power Corp. EDVP


EDVP is establishing itself as a well-recognized up-and-comer in the biotech indiustry, garnering added attention from traders, and as a result, we’ve seen a nice increase in volume.The stock has made higher highs and higher lows from yesterday’s session, and appears to be forming a higher base. Trading as low as .068, the stock bumped into the resistance that we pointed out at .08. Intra-day gains of 18% have been possible thus far today.

If that resistance at .08 can be broken, the gains should begin to add up more rapidly.


Extended Watchlist: