SRSR, MDHI, KMAG & Extended Watchlist

Sarissa Resources, Inc. SRSR

We are highlighting SRSR as a momentum play this morning, the stock closed at its high of day on Tuesday, up over 40%

Whenever we see a surge in activity like this, we like to monitor the situation carefully, as those types of performances can often cascade into even further gains.


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. MDHI

MDHI maintained higher highs and higher lows yesterday. At one point, breaking the key resistance at the 100DMA of .0042, hitting a high of .0045. That brings the chance for gain over the past two days to 50% (Initial alert at .003)

The volume appeared to be increasing as well, always a good sign. As long as the stock continues to perform in this manner, we will keep MDHI on our radar.


KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. KMAG

KMAG had another good performace on Tuesday, finishing out the day up over 20% After opening at .0111, and hitting a high of .0149, the stock managed a close of .0134.


Bebida Beverage Co. BBDA

BBDA had its first red day yesterday after topping out near a penny, hitting a high of .0097. After six straight days of gains, it was not surprising to see a pullback.

We’ll watch for the dust to settle on this one. Plays that have been this good to us, usually get a second chance when the time is right.

Extended Watchlist: