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We are always interested in alternative energy companies, and XSNX is a solar outfit that puts a compelling spin on traditional solar technology. XsunX specializes in its own patent-pending CIGSolar™ (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide, or CIGS) variety of solar panels, and one of the ways it makes that technology available is pretty interesting. In essence, the company offers clients the ability to manufacture its patent-pending products, which are made and operate in a more cost-efficient manner than similar technologies. The company’s modular manufacturing units are installed by XsunX’s team of specialists, and provide the opportunity for existing solar businesses to offer this groundbreaking technology to their own clients.What is known as a TFPV (Thin-Film Photo Voltaic) material, CIGS currently holds the world record for TFPV conversion efficiency at a rate of 19.9% This surpasses other TFPV technologies, and rivals the efficiency of industry-standard silicon units, without the durability issues known to plague silicon panels. Perhaps one of the more attractive aspects, CIGS panels can be made to replace silicon-based technologies utilizing their existing infrastructures, thereby reducing setup costs dramatically in many cases. In addition, the extreme durability and long life of CIGSolar™ panels reduce overall maintenance costs, essentially making the use of solar technology much more economically viable for applications where it may not have been, previously.

“CIGSolar™: The Manufacturing Advantage”, pictured above, deposits CIGS material onto thin steel sheet substrates, which are both cheaper and more durable than brittle silicon solar panels, while still doing the same job.

Solar power as a whole is on the rise in the US in a big way, currently standing as the nation’s fastest-growing alternative energy industry- and because CIGSolar™ is basically a drop-in-and-go replacement for existing solar implements, every area of it can be considered fair game for a switch to XsunX’s proprietary tech. Replacement of outdated units is an extremely attractive niche in the solar business, and one of the main reasons why XSNX is so appealing to us.

Another is the potential we see in the current XSNX chart. The stock has seen two significant runs this year, the first of which came when it ran 138% from a low of .008 on Dec. 28th, to a high of .019 on Jan. 14th. After a consolidation period which lasted into February, we saw another surge from .0091, to .023, another 153% gain.  After that run, it seems the stock has found a higher level of support, establishing a new base at .012.

We also took the liberty of preparing a video presentation of the XSNX chart:

Want more info on XsunX and its technology?

Here is a slideshow describing CIGS technology in detail.

CEO Tom Djokovich has appeared in a number of informative videos on MoneyTV.

In this video, he talks about CIGS, and gives you an inside peek at a CIGSolar plant in operation.

Here’s Tom discussing the international interest that CIGSolar has generated.

In this video he talks about reaching the final stages in client demo preparation.

A simple youtube search on XsunX will yield even more interviews with Tom, who is obviously very passionate about his product.
For even more info, the company’s website can be found at: http://xsunx.com