AAPL, DRHC & Extended Watchlist

Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc. DRHC

Our bottom-bounce call of DRHC yesterday was spot-on. The stock pulled back to .0065 before running as high as .0094. In the video chart that we published along with our alert, we stated that we were simply looking for a quick 30-50% move out of DRHC, and that’s exactly what we got.

We like the activity we are seeing from this bottom play and will continue to monitor for subsequent bounces, provided the stock holds above yesterday’s support level of .0065.

Apple, Inc. AAPL

We sincerely hope our recent coverage of Apple calls hasn’t fallen upon deaf ears. We started with the $415 & $420 Calls last Monday, and kept raising our strike price as time progressed and Apple traded higher. On Wednesday, we had lifted it up to the $445’s, $450’s, and were even looking as high as the $455 Calls. The $455′s were as cheap as 2.30 on Friday, and hit a high of 9.80 yesterday, a possible gain of 326%, and that upward trend should continue.

This morning, Apple is trading up pre-market, causing us to once again raise our strike price into the $465 and $470 Calls. That being said, Apple has been on an absolute tear since its last earnings release, steamrolling upward for the past couple of weeks, thus we want to stay on our toes so that we won’t be caught off guard by a reversal. The next key resistance points are likely to be at $469.95, and $484.94. Should it break those levels, there is a gap to fill up to $504.77, as we point out on the chart below.

Extended Watchlist: