PLCE Options Recap & More

The Children’s Place, Inc. PLCE – Update 

As a result of the insider buying we discovered at a bottom on PLCE yesterday, we placed a pair of contracts in the options chain on watch, specifically the, PLCE 01/17 $65-70 Calls.

Despite being a bit of a longer-term idea, we still witnessed instantaneous results from these targets, which produced the following intraday moves: 

$65 Calls – Range: 2.55-4.20 – Max Gain: 65%
$70 Calls – Range: .35-.85 – Max Gain: 143%

We’re interested in continuing to track these plays, with PLCE still boasting a massive gap to the topside on the chart up to roughly the $70 level. Should the stock continue to fill that gap, we’re going to see the total gains on these ideas hit even more impressive levels.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
WVE 04/17 $17.50-25 Calls
GIS 01/17 $55 Calls
FDX Weekly $155-150 Puts

Extended Watchlist: