PANW, BJ Reviews

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. BJ

We had been tracking a target in the BJ’s options chain toward the end of last week, which were the BJ 06/19 $30 Calls. Then on Friday morning, we added an extra idea by rolling up to include the 06/19 $40 Calls as well. After another solid push, we have a new high to report on the $30’s, and our newer ideas performed well also, posting a multibag intraday performance.

So overall, from Thursday’s signal on the 06/19 $30 Calls, we observed a two-day swing from 1.50-8.42, marking a rise of 461%  Meanwhile, the 06/19 $40 Calls
posted a move from .45-1.68, which worked out to a single-session gain of 273%

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. PANW

Additionally, we had highlighted a trio of contracts in the PANW chain in our premarket report from Friday, with the PANW Weekly $235-245 Calls. We were able to see quite a bit of success there. 

Weekly $235-245 Calls
$235: 4.68-8.30 (+77%)
$240: 2.45-5.03 (+105%)
$245: .99-3.35 (+238%)

Fresh Options Idea: 
SPY 05/27 $302-303 Calls