Options Updates, 5 New Ideas

Various Options Recaps:

We fared reasonably well with regard to options yesterday. In out premarket report, both of the short term plays we signaled interest in produced sizable intraday runs. Those were the DPZ Weekly $387.50-392.50 Calls, and the SPY 07/24 $452-453 Calls. We had another idea with an August expiration that didn’t produce instant results. However, a set of August calls in another chain that we’ve been tracking since our report a few Mondays ago on the 10th, the PLCE 08/18 $25 Calls, have gone on to hit new highs.

The gains for the DPZ and SPY Calls below are obviously from yesterday’s session only, while the figures for the PLCE Calls represent their increase over the past two weeks.

DPZ Weekly $387.50-392.50 Calls
4.51-10.41 (+131%)
$390: 3.29-9.09 (+176%)
$392.50: 3.11-7.11 (+121%)

SPY 07/24 $452-453 Calls
1.26-3.00 (+138%)
$453: .71-2.02 (+185%)

PLCE 08/18 $25 Calls
1.65-5.15 (+212%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MMM Weekly $105-107 Calls
SHW Weekly $280 Calls
VZ Weekly $33.50-35 Calls
FFIV 08/18 $155-165 Calls
LOGI 08/18 $65-67.50 Calls

Tupperware Brands Corp. (NYSE:TUP) – Recap: 

We had included TUP in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and subsequently saw the stock make a pretty good intraday move. It ran from a low of 1.16 up to 1.82, which works out to a 57% upswing.

Extended Watchlist: