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Vaxart Inc. VXRT – Review

VXRT was one of the first coronavirus plays we signaled interest in tracking since we tagged it on January 31st  at a low of .956. We’ve mentioned it a couple more times since then, including the end of last month and yesterday morning.

The stock has been on the rise for pretty much the entire month of April so far, and yesterday it attained yet another new high for us, registering trades for as much as 4.12. From our originally observed low, that represents a total increase of 331% in the span of what has otherwise been three difficult months!

JNJ Options Recap, Fresh ideas

Johnson & Johnson JNJ – We have been following one of our longer-term ideas in the JNJ chain for exactly three weeks now, having first offered up the idea on the 7th. There has been some very nice headway made over this time, and we have some new highs to report today.

Here are the total possible gains one could have secured off of our idea so far:

  JNJ 09/18 $150-155 Calls
$150: 2.90-14.55 (+401%)
$155: 2.27-11.45 (+404%)

Fresh Ideas:
AMC 06/19 $4 Calls
MMM Weekly $155-160 Calls
SPY Weekly $292-295 Calls

Extended Watchlist: