Options Explosions, Fresh Ideas

More Options Mastery:

We’re closing out another trading week on an exceptionally high note with regard to the performance of our options ideas from yesterday morning;’s premarket report. Day in and day out, we strive to come up with the best possible options daytrading ideas, and much more often than not, the opportunities are there.

Such was the case yesterday with all three of the targets we honed in on, which were the KR Weekly $41-42 Calls, the SNOW Weekly $335-350 Calls, and the OKTA Weekly $197.50-205 Calls. 
All three sets of ideas we were tracking recorded excellent intraday movement, thanks in part to the markets’ bounce-back from Wednesday’s dip.

KR Weekly $41-42 Calls
 1.21-4.50 (+272%)
$42: .51-3.53 (+592%)

SNOW Weekly $335-350 Calls
$335: 8.50-25.69 (+202%)
$340: 6.12-21.90 (+258%)
$345: 4.50-18.49 (+311%)
$350: 3.30-14.20 (+330%)

OKTA Weekly $197.50-205 Calls
$197.50: 18.05-24.48 (+36%)
$200: 14.95-24.00 (+61%)
$202.50: 13.26-18.75 (+41%)
$205: 11.00-18.32 (+67%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re also going to go big with FIVE sets of ideas this morning, but please be advised that they will all be expiring at the close today. That being said, the markets look ready to rip once again, so we feel confident we’ll see some good activity from the following potential plays.

SPY 12/03 $457.50-459 Calls
DOCU Weekly $190-175 Puts
ULTA Weekly $395-405 Calls
SMAR Weekly $65-70 Calls
MRVL Weekly $79-85 Calls

Extended Watchlist: