EXTO, RAYS, MILV – Hot Stocks Today

Raystream Inc. RAYS

Those of you that recall our alert of RAYS at 1.36, dating back to the stock’s second day of trading, have witnessed over a 1.00 in gains (74%)


As we stated last Friday, RAYS is a heavily promoted stock, with an estimated $2.3M promotional budget. We just want to make it clear, that extreme caution should be exercised with this stock.


There have been no press releases direct from RAYS that have presented anything of real substance concerning the company’s plan to take their technology to market. Thus far we have heard a lot of forward-looking statements, and seen a lot of paid promotions but nothing more.
The opportunity to make money with the stock still exists, of course, we just have our guard up with RAYS.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO  closed at its high of day of .0066 on Tuesday, marking a 35% gain from the low of .0049 on Monday.


On Monday, we pointed out the fact that EXTO was clearly oversold, as evidenced in the RSI, which began moving back up yesterday, and is now pointing north.


EXTO is capable of making rapid moves, we have seen it before. We are still waiting for the company to bring their filings up to current with OTCMarkets.com, at which time we should finally receive an update on the company’s operations.


We still think there is plenty of upside potential for EXTO.


Mistral Ventures Inc MILV

Our momentum alert from a week past, has taken a wild ride since we mentioned it at .055. The high of .081 on Tuesday represents a gain of 47%Not too shabby for a week’s worth of observation, and a figure that puts our collective gains over the past couple of weeks well over 200%

The stock is a daytrader’s delight, providing plenty of dips and surges to play, and we expect to see that trend continue moving forward.