DGHG, EXTO, SRRL – Hot Stocks Today

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

Just as we suspected, DGHG has exhibited an excellent response to uplisting to the bulletin board. Yesterday saw 11 percent in gains, as DGHG begins to press back toward its previous highs.

Once broken past its resistance sitting at the previous high of 1.29,  DGHG could hit bluesky breakout mode, and there is no telling how high it could travel from there. We’ve alerted on DGHG prior to its recent low at .71, which represents a 69 percent gain to the current level.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has been a beast for us in the past. Last week brought a retrace to its lowest price since beginning of August, just following our initial alert, at which time we re-mentioned the stock.

We saw this pullback as another excellent entry opportunity, as we are generally reliant upon our ability to spot chart trends at just the right moment. Currently, the RSI is clearly oversold, and from this level, would seem to indicate the inevitability of a bounce play.

If the resultant surge is anything like activity we have witnessed in the past, then there is much to look forward to as we move ahead in our following of EXTO.

Stellar Resources, Ltd. SRRL

 Last week, we stated: “Based on SRRL’s history, it seems anything under .03 is a bargain-basement price.” We are still confident in the truth of that assumption, and the past two days has shown us ample gains on light volume; a direct indicator that selling has subsided, and also evidenced in the steadily rising RSI.

The stock has been making consistently higher highs and higher lows, and should move up rapidly on any significant increase in volume. As you can see, the chart has the look of a stock that is just entering recovery-mode.