Expertly Timed Reversal

iBio, Inc. IBIO – Recap

Among those stocks that we have been tracking concurrently with the coronavirus outbreak in progress, is IBIO, which we just updated readers on in Friday morning’s report. We may be in line to see a better performance from stocks in general in contrast to last week’s historical market decline, which would lead to consolidation in stocks like IBIO, although it did manage to record an incredible new high Friday.

We had just recapped Thursday’s performance wherein the stock ran as high as .887, but Friday’s session took it to a whole new level. IBIO traded in a range from 1.50-3.40 for an intraday pop of 127%

Following our tag on Dec. 5th, the stock was trading for as little .189, and from there, Friday’s newly registered high represents an increase of 1699%

Innovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IPIX

We also want to watch IPIX, an OTCQB company which believes it has a scientific basis to believe that one of its preexisting treatments could be effective against coronavirus. We would suggest you read the PR outlining this in greater detail and keep IPIX on your radars. (>>View PR)


We also want to recap the performance of the SPY Calls we signaled on Friday morning, which will also continue to be in play for a potential market recovery this week.

We timed our flip-flop perfectly, having gone primarily with puts for our options ideas while the markets were in hysterics, and an intraday rebound provided for the following gain opportunities:

SPY 03/13 $298-301 Calls
$298: 5.67-9.41 (+66%)
$299: 5.44-8.45 (+55%)
$300: 4.65-9.32 (+100%)
$301: 4.54-9.00 (+98%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

JD Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls

MTDR 04/17 $10-15 Calls
(Stock itself may be in play, extremely oversold)

Extended Watchlist: