New Highs to Report

More New Highs for Biotechs

Essentially every play we’ve been tracking that is in any way related to medical/biotech have been setting new highs as fast as we can update them. The coronavirus hysteria, along with an underlying need for a market correction is producing some incredible effects.  Here are the new highs on such stocks on our watchlist.

Co-Diagnostic Inc. CODX – As we were mentioning yesterday, we’ve been on the trail of CODX since the end of last month, at which time we observed a low of 1.52. Yesterday, just as we cautioned it would, the stock reached as high as 19.67. That extends our observed range on this play to 1194%

Vaxart Inc. VXRT – Another coronavirus play we’ve been watching has been VXRT, beginning on January 31st  at a low of .956, and there is an impressive new high to report here as well,. The stock hit 3.40 yesterday, which brings our total possible gains on VXRT to 256%

iBio, Inc. IBIO – Lastly, is a stock we placed on watch just a shade under three months ago, in IBIO. Subsequent to our tag on 12/05, we observed a low of .189 in IBIO, which has given way to a new high of .887 this week as viral virus fears continue to sweep the investment community. That represents a gain of 369%


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