EMXC, EXTO, ELAY & EMBA Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC
EMXC fared well on Monday. In the past we have witnessed EMXC make a jump from .0004 all the way up to .0024 for 500% in gains, and it appears as if the chart is ripening once again.

We have pointed out a few of the key highlights on the annotated chart below. As you can see, current levels of resistance lay roughly between .0016 and .0019, and a break past those regions could send EMXC to test previous highs in the .0024 neighborhood.

We have certainly seen this stock’s ability to be explosive in recent memory, and we are even further excited about the company’s latest move; a Stock Exchange Agreement with Unitell Worldwide Communications that could add significantly to the company’s overall value.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Just a quick update on EXTO: The stock lost its support at .009 on Monday, but quickly regained more at .0081. We want to observe cautiously to ensure that EXTO holds this new, slightly lower level of support, and patiently wait out this period of consolidation.

We continue to wait for OTCMarkets.com to honor the clear status of the stock, as they are still currently labeling it as Caveat Emptor’, while all fees and necessary disclosures were reported to have been delivered on September 1st.

eLayaway, Inc. ELAY 
ELAY was in the green at one point on Monday, hitting .175, and maintaining its support at .15, before eventually closing at .16.

We like ELAY for its aggressive tactics and intuitive business model which is perfectly suited to a struggling economy, as well as the company’s habit of keeping its shareholders well informed. Case in point, ELAY has released no less than eight updates on the press wires over the past six weeks.

We don’t expect the activity to slow any time soon, nor should you expect to stop hearing us talk about this company, that we feel is poised for serious long-term success.

eMamba International Corp. EMBA

For all you bottom-fishers out there, we wanted to mention eMamba International Corp. EMBA; a stock that we have not mentioned in the past, but one that has recently begun a recovery from a major sell-off. The stock was trading in the .mid to upper .70’s just ten days ago,  hit a bottom and closed at a low of .374 just two days ago. The bounceback has already begun, and we are on the lookout for EMBA to increase as it continues to rebound.Below is the most recent PR, released at the end of last week:

FRIDAY, SEPT. 16th, 2011 – eMamba International Corp. (PINK SHEETS: EMBA), an emerging provider of cloud-based business management software and after-sales customer care services, announced today it has signed a three-year business development agreement with the Mercosur common market.

Mercosur is a South American economic trade zone made up of four full-member states, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, with a combined population estimated at more than 242,000,000. Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are currently associate member states in Mercosur.

During the term of the agreement, Mercosur’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce will aide Mamba in developing its business and generating sales in Mercosur member countries. The agreement states that the Mercosur CIC will provide eMamba with advisory and consulting services across a range of specialty business functions, including management, marketing and public relations. Mercosur’s services will include introducing eMamba to potential joint-venture partners that have an interest in implementing eMamba’s comprehensive business services and solutions in the public and private sectors.

As part of the agreement, Mercosur has been granted 45 million restricted common shares of eMamba stock, which is equivalent to 25 percent of eMamba International Corp