HLLXF – Hellix Ventures, Inc. – Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

Hellix Ventures, Inc HLLXF

We were talking about HLLXF back in March, at which time the stock was trading between .45 and .50. At that time, there really wasn’t a heck of a lot going on with the company to speak of, however we believed in the potential hot-zone where the company’s mining claims were located.

Over the past six weeks, HLLXF has begun steadily increasing in value, having just hit a 52-week high of 1.80, and representing a gain of 300% on March’s .45 shares.

Most recently the company released information regarding some favorable assay results from their property. Soil testing concluded that new areas of the claim that have not been historically mined are showing the expected presence of gold on the order of up to .02oz. per ton of processed ore.

This is why we never allow any of the symbols that we discuss to fall completely off of our radar, as it seems that we routinely take advantage of two of the most integral aspects of successful penny stock investing; keen patience, and a sharp eye.

This play is up over 200% since our first mention, however the potential for more growth is still there, granted the quality of this company’s mineral rights properties.