DWIS, EXTO Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS
Toward the end of the day on Monday, we were observing the level 2 on DWIS, and witnessed some higher bids enter into the mix. Eventually these buyers that are attempting to collect cheap shares on the bid could end up hitting the offer, and we could see an uptick.

As we have seen in the past, DWIS tends to spring directly upward on even a negligible surge in volume, as is common with low-float plays.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Yesterday we mentioned that the chart on EXTO has consolidated over the past couple of weeks, finding a new level of support toward the end of last week. It appears as if that level held nicely once again on Monday.

The next few trading sessions look to be an opportune moment to take up a position that should work out to be profitable.

EXTO is currently receiving a ‘Buy’ Rating at barchart.com.