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Exit Only, Inc EXTO

On Thursday, EXTO dipped to it lowest point since we initiated coverage. After running up 350% from our original call, it has been subject to a pullback and course correction, due in part to the apparent inability of OTC Markets to honor the originally stated wait period for updating the stocks trading status.

All necessary fees and disclosure was submitted by EXTO with the expectation that OTC Markets would update their database within five business days. We are now closing in on the three week mark.

Once we see the resolution of that situation, we expect to hear more with regard to the company’s mining claims. The trading status of the symbol has been Priority One over at EXTO.

CaseyCorp Enterprises, Inc. CCPR
New to our newsletter today, is a reader-submitted play in CCPR, a thinly-traded stock with some evident upside potential.

One of the more enticing aspects of CCPR, is the fact that we seldom run across a stock in the .03 range with only 45 Million Shares Outstanding (a/o 08/10).

With a structure like this, CCPR could get sent on a ride on just a negligible surge in volume, as a result, this is definitely a stock that we are going to want to keep on our radars moving forward.