EXTO Exit Only, DWIS Dinewise | Inside Today’s Penny Stock Newsletter

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS

As we’ve stated previously, just a small surge in volume can really send DWIS, and sure enough, yesterday saw a 36% increase, on just 15,000 shares traded.

The stock is still receiving a BUY Rating on BARCHART.COM, with resistance points at .11, .13, and .18. There is still a lot of room for substantial gains, the benefits of which we have experienced in the past with DWIS.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has made higher lows for the past three trading sessions. After a bit of a consolidation, we like to see the lows creeping higher, a bullish sign. Per yesterday’s closing price of .0077, we are still up over 200% from our initial mention of this stock at .0025.

In the past, we have seen EXTO take off on updates from the company. We believe that the next fresh PR will be a catalyst for another run-up.

From a charting standpoint, the RSI is coming off of being oversold, and the MACD is just starting to pinch toward a cross that should happen in the next week or so. These are two of our favorite indicators which point to the growing health of a stock.

Genco Corp GNCC

There is currently a lot of newsletter and iHub chatter surrounding GNCC at the moment. We wanted to share today’s news with you, because at the current price and level of public attention, this PR could really make an impact on the stock.

TYLER, Texas, Sep 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Genco Corporation (PINK SHEETS: GNCC) has begun the process of converting the historic Rosebowl speedway into an outdoor Amphitheater in Winona, Texas. The historic Rosebowl Speedway will re-open to the public in 2012 as The Rosebowl Amphitheater. When the conversion is complete, the Rosebowl is expected to seat over 12,000 customers. According to Digital Music News, the average concert ticket price in the US for 2011 is $37.55. The Rose Bowl plans to hold over 90 concert events a year. Based on Averages, the Rosebowl could gross $40,554,000 per year on ticket sales alone. Management plans to begin Outdoor Concerts and events at the new Rosebowl Amphitheater in March of 2012.