BPAX, GRDO, ATRN, TRID, AACS – Stock Watchlist Recap

We wanted to send out an afternoon update to include all of the stocks that have been keeping our interest of late. Last year was one of our best ever, and it looks like 2012 is getting off to a similar start, with some excellent bottom-bounce plays that have provided us with ample gains. 

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

Our first BPAX alert came with perfect timing on December 16th, one trading day before it reached its bottom at .38. Yesterday, it reached a new high of .596, and is retesting it this afternoon. From, .38, .596 represents a 57% gain.

We still believe there to be significant gains to be made moving forward for BPAX, as the chart is just starting to fill a huge gap.

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

We are still amped up about GRDO, as it is holding solid support at .0005, and resistance at .0008 seems to be thinning.

The 50-Day moving average has started to take a sharp turn North, and it appears as if a Golden Cross could be in the making as it begins to converge with the 100DMA.

The chart is looking ripe with the MACD having just crossed, and currently the RSI is not looking overbought, with plenty of room to run into the power zone.

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN broke its previous resistance at .03, and tested a new high today of .033. When we first spotted ATRN, it made a 100% move only to dip to .0148, giving savvy investors a second chance to see triple digit gains in less than a week.

The way ATRN has traded warrants it a spot high on our watchlist.

Trident Microsystems, Inc. TRID

TRID was a new bounceplay added to our radar yesterday. Much like with BPAX and APP, the past few bounceplays, our timing here was impeccable.

Yesterday’s low of .075 to today’s high of .0939, marks a 20% gain, not too bad a turnaround for a 24-hour period. We always like to see stocks continue to make higher lows as has happened here, today’s low being .079. We’ll be watching for that trend to continue.

American Commerce Solutions, Inc. AACS

AACS was added to a lot of folks’ watchlists yesterday with a drastic increase in volume. We want to see a continuation of the momentum we are witnessing today.

AACS is off to a decent start, up over 15% on the day.

Our picks of the new year have already afforded us several hundred percent in gains, so be sure to stay with us moving forward as we continue to root out what we feel are some of the best opportunities to see rapid profits in 2012.