AACS, NSRS – Today’s Stocks

American Commerce Solutions, Inc. AACS

AACS is a momentum play this morning. The stock woke up yesterday, to trade several times as many shares than its average. As always, we are approaching with due caution, but if the momentum can continue, so could the breakout.

This stock represents a company with revenues, gross profits, and a tight share structure with almost no dilution. For a play priced at .0019, that can be exceedingly rare, and extremely desirable.

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

After some recent developments within the company, NSRS hit a new high on Monday, reaching .575. From our December 28th call at a low of .253, that represents a 127% gain!

The following are the contents of the company’s 8-K, filed this morning. and outlining the acquisition of mineral rights to a new silver & gold mining property in Nevada, as announced in yesterday’s PR.

On January 8, 2011, North Springs Resources Corp., a Nevada corporation (the “Company”), entered into a Minerals Lease and Agreement (the “Imperial Agreement”) with MinQuest, Inc., a Nevada corporation (“MinQuest”) whereby the Company acquired the right to conduct mineral exploration activities for a term of twenty (20) years (the “Term”) on various unpatented mining claims situated in Esmeralda County, Nevada, collectively known as the Imperial Property (the “Imperial Property”), subject to a three percent (3%) Net Smelter Royalty to be paid to MinQuest. As consideration, the Company shall pay an aggregate of one hundred forty thousand US dollars ($140,000) to MinQuest and shall provide an aggregate of three million US dollars ($3,000,000) in work commitments over the Term.