BPAX, ATRN, NSRS, MSTG | Today’s Stock Watchlist

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

Once BPAX broke its previous high this week it was blue skies, as per the clear breakout witnessed yesterday. Since we caught this thing at a bottom of .38, it has appreciated 180%, hitting 1.06 on Monday.

As we’ve stated all along, this stock is on our radar at least until Feb. 14th, the long awaited FDA date. There still appears to be a large gap to fill on the chart up to the 2.00 range. Even if BPAX were only to recover half of what was lost on the gap-down, we’d still observe an added 50% in gains from this vantage.

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN broke previous highs on Monday; another of our picks entering blue sky mode. Since initiation of our coverage of ATRN there has been a multitude of opportunities to reap a profit.

So long as we continue to see these chances offered up by this stock, we will leave it on our tickers. Thus far it has been a trader’s paradise.

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS closed green for the sixth day in a row on Monday. This only added to the mountain of gains we’ve already observed (Nearly 500%)

It is always a good idea to remain on your guard with a big gainer like this. People often tend to get greedy when a stock is enjoying such a protracted uptrend, but protecting profits is paramount, and thus it may be time to consider our exit strategy before this party comes to a close.

Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG has been a workhorse for us, staying true to its moniker. The stock has closed at or near its high of day for each of the five days that it has graced our watchlist. Since that time, gains of 40% have been realized.