CWET, THQI, SVMI & Today’s Watchlist

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CWET

  Our newsletter has been rife with bottom plays for the opportunistic. Here comes yet another, in the form of CWET. The chart, as we’ve pointed out below, is exhibiting many of the characteristics of an impending upturn.Apart from several chart indicators beginning to look promising, the stock has made higher lows off of its bottom since last week on heavy volume. We’ll want to continue monitoring this play diligently, as we wouldn’t want to be caught standing flat-footed in the gatehouse when the starting gun fires!


THQI is another interesting prospect for all of the bottom-feeders out there. We saw this one hit bottom in the low .50’s, and the recovery now seems to be in effect. We think we could be witnessing a slow and steady gainer in THQI, which certainly isn’t as much fun as a rapidly exploding play, but we’ll take it nonetheless.

SaVi Media Group, Inc. SVMI

SVMI continues to perform well, as the stock closed at .0126 on Tuesday, continuing a nice run that began last week. We are currently enjoying an over-100% appreciation from our initial call at .006.

Let’s not forget some of the other plays on our watchlist this midweek: