SVMI, CRPZ, THQI, BPAX, NSRS, LOGL | Stock Watchlist Updates

SaVi Media Group, Inc. SVMI

We’ve had SVMI on our radar for awhile now. We like the technology behind this stock, which lands it in a pretty unique space with few competitors, and jam-packed with potential. Following our alert, from a subsequent low of .006, the stock has gone to .0128, which represents a gain of 113%

Convenience TV Inc. CRPZ

We want to thank our reader, Mike, for sharing this trading idea with the group. This play is a perfect example of why we encourage reader participation via replies to our alert emails.Thus far we’ve enjoyed a 60% ride from .0015-.0024._


We added THQI to the watchlist on Friday as it gapped down on news of disappointing earnings. We were waiting for the bottom to settle in, which it seems to have done in the low .50’s. This afternoon we have observed a bounce to the low .60’s. As we stated at the outset, the recovery in situations like these can make for handsome gains.

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

BPAX is experiencing another day of tidy gains today, as it broke above recent highs. Those of you who are new to the newsletter, BPAX was another great bounce play opportunity, like so many others we seem to be calling lately.We anticipated a run leading up to the FDA date (Feb 14th). Following that, the direction it takes will be contingent upon the results, but the days leading into it should be very interesting.The low following our maiden alert on BPAX was .38.  Today’s high of .83 signifies a possible gain of 118%


North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS continues to be a winner as it seems the stock is currently being fueled by a monstrous promotion (of which we have taken no part). We have been covering NSRS independently without compensation since December 28th.Since that time, the stock has been as low as .253. The percentage amount gained at today’s high of day (1.49) stands at 489%  No small feat to say the least. _

Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd LOGL

 Our new bottom play this morning had a range of .78-.8795 for an intraday run of 13%, and continues to look bullish, holding more than half of the day’s gains.