Another Thousand Percent Gainer, Fresh Ideas

Tyson Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. TSM:

We’ve been tracking TSM since December 13th when we signaled the TSM 01/07 $122-124 Calls, and while the stock did taper with the markets at large yesterday, we did want to swing back around to report on the incredible new highs our ideas had attained this week, which absolutely dwarf those of our last update on them last week on the 28th.

Here are the astronomical moves we have witnessed in those contract sets, which include our second thousand percent gainer of the year, less than a week into 2022!

TSM 01/07 $122-124 Calls
 .98-8.40 (+757%)
$123: .70-8.25 (+1079%)
$124: .70-6.50 (+829%)

OTC Recaps: 

It has been a hard trudge through an earnings-less desert over the past several weeks as we navigated the holiday season. Finally, this morning we’ve got our first sizable batch of earnings reporters of 2022, and in the next few weeks, many more are slated to drop their quarterly figures.

It’s typical to deal with earnings dry periods and we managed quite well over the extended holiday dip finding other targets of interest like the one listed above. Here are the potential targets off of today’s calendar that are piquing our interest.

BBBY Weekly $14-15 Calls
LW 01/21 $65 Calls
WBA Weekly $54-56 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: