WBSI, ICPA & Today’s Extended Watchlist

WebSafety, Inc. WBSI

We first brought you WBSI at .017. Following that alert we observed the stock pull back to .012 before running to .0539, a 349% gain, and a 217% gain from our original alert price.

As is often the case, we are quite a bit earlier to the party than most, but we have now begun to see other newsletters getting with the times, covering WBSI.

Of course, we never miss a chance to remind you where you heard it FIRST!


IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA was a winner for us on Monday, turning in a respectable performance. We’ve covered this stock a lot in the past. In January, we alerted the stock as it found its absolute bottom at .0008.

Once again on April 10th, the stock appeared on our extended watchlist being as low as .0025, even as it was up over 200% from the previous mention. Yesterday, ICPA closed at a new high of .0058, marking a 118% gain from our most recent alert, and 625% from our original alert.


Extended Watchlist: