Tuesday’s Runners, 4 Fresh Ideas

Good Start to the Short Week:

We got things off to a pretty good start on this holiday-shortened week, despite only formulating a couple of possible options plays for our readers. The two targets that we did highlight in our premarket report, certainly put up some very solid numbers across the board, with multibag gain potential in each set of contracts mentioned.

Those were the NVDA Weekly $547.50-550 Calls, and the GS Weekly $377.50-382.50 Calls, and and here were the intraday upswings they posted for Tuesday’s session:

NVDA Weekly $547.50-550 Calls
 9.54-22.70 (+140%)
$550: 7.95-20.65 (+160%)

GS Weekly $377.50-382.50 Calls

$377.50: 3.63-8.75 (+141%)
$380: 2.35-7.13 (+203%)
$382.50: 1.73-5.40 (+212%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 01/17 $474-473 Puts*
NVDA Weekly $562.50-565 Calls
SCHW Weekly $64-62.50 Puts

We also want to enter a potential longer-term play on Spirit Airlines into the mix, which is getting crushed after a judge blocked its merger with Jet Blue. Even if it continues to fall a bit, we’re taking the position that a snap-back may occur shortly thereafter, so we’re going to track the SAVE 02/16 $5.00-7.50 Calls in the days and weeks ahead. 

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration

Extended Watchlist: