Tuesday Recaps, Fresh Ideas

Two for Tuesday:  

We fared reasonably well yesterday, having selected a trio of potential plays for our premarket report. While we didn’t manage a clean sweep on that, two out of three isn’t half bad, and our moving targets produced a very solid performance on the session. We also had a solid NASDAQ play pop off of the extended watchlist, so all in all we’re in pretty good shape as we cross this week’s midpoint.

Yesterday’s movers and shakers were the ORCL Weekly $117-115 Puts and the NVDA Weekly $455-450 Puts, and here are the total possible gains they facilitated on Tuesday: .

ORCL Weekly $117-115 Puts
 3.75-9.30 (+148%)
$116: 3.30-8.45 (+156%)
$115: 2.45-7.61 (+210%)

NVDA Weekly $455-450 Puts
 6.69-10.66 (+59%)
$452.50: 5.57-9.13 (+64%)
$450: 4.62-7.90 (+71%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CBRL Weekly $70-75 Calls
BUR Weekly $17.50-15 Puts
AMKR 10/20 $22-23 Calls
AIN 10/20 $85-90 Calls

Avalo Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVTX) – Recap:

Like yesterday, we also have a brief recap on another NASDAQ stock that we’ve flagged in our extended watchlist that went on to make a great run. We had AVTX in yesterday’s report, and the stock started out changing hands for as little as .102. As of this morning’s new high of .24 that marks a 24-hour swing of 139%

Extended Watchlist: