Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Roundup

Dollar Tree, Inc. DLTR – Options Update

Yesterday, apart from highlighting the many winning options plays that came out of Wednesday morning’s premarket report, we also brought up a new idea for the DLTR options chain. We signaled the DLTR Weekly $85 Calls.

Those $85 Calls were big movers, trading in a range from 1.90-4.66 on the day. That represented an intraday pop of 145% so cheers to any of those who may have taken advantage of that healthy run.

Big Lots, Inc. BIG

We’re looking to BIG this morning on the heels of an earnings beat and cash dividend annoucment. The stock is gapping considerably above the $50-level to new annual highs. We’re going to be looking at the BIG Weekly $47.50-52.50 Calls* for possible quick-hit trades today.

*Caution: We always like to remind our readers that trading options contracts with a weekly expiration on Friday is an inherently risky proposition. Please do not attempt to do so if you are not an advanced-level trader.

Relypsa, Inc. RLYP

We’re coming across RLYP at an interesting time today. The stock is gapping up this morning, oddly enough, on news that hit for a rival.The FDA refused approval to pharma giant AstraZeneca for its potassium-lowering drug, effectively leaving RLYP’s competing drug as the lone option in the marketplace.

We’ve formulated an options idea for this play as well. With no weeklies available, we’re going to be monitoring contracts within the range of the RLYP 06/03 $20-25 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Tracking & More

 Tracking Options Ideas

To continue following up with the pair of options ideas we started the week with, we’re glad to report that the opportunities kept flowing yesterday for the second consecutive session.

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Puts

We said we were looking for more downside on TIF despite the fact that its $65 and $64 Puts had already presented us with chances for gains ranging from 132-223% on Tuesday, and that’s just what we ultimately observed. In the first half of the day TIF shares plunged from the $62 range and briefly fell below $60 before it followed suit with the marketwide rally that occurred around midday.

Both the $65 and $64 Puts would experience impressive new highs as TIF was trending down in the morning. The $65 Puts, which we caught at a low of .51, rocketed as high as 4.80, marking a two-day swing of 841%. The $64′s managed to hit 4.10, which from our observed low of .56 on Tuesday represents a move of 632%


Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Calls

On the flip-side of the coin we had NFLX Calls, which obviously struggled during the overall market’s morning dip, but then flourished when that epic mid-to-late-day rally kicked in. On Tuesday we had zeroed in on the $105-107 Calls and found opportunities for relatively modest gains in the 40%-range.

For yesterday’s report, we mentioned we’d be rolling up strike prices to the $110-112, and those ideas yielded intraday upswings of a much more significant nature:

$110 Calls – Trading Range: .53-2.94  – Max Gain: 454%
$111 Calls – Trading Range: .47-2.48 – Max Gain: 428%
$112 Calls – Trading Range: .40-2.10 – Max Gain: 425%

NFLX’s afternoon run fell just short of a significant psychological barrier at $110, reaching its daily high at 109.99. A break of the $110 price point would obviously spell more big moves for these NFLX contracts.

Other Notable Gainers

We were tracking both Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD and Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM for the second straight day in yesterday’s report, and both stocks offered up modest, yet noteworthy intraday spikes.

PLKD traded in a range from .21-.31 for a 48% spike, while GDPM ran 30% from a low of .076 to .099. Both moves occurred on relatively average volume.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review, Big Movers & More

Friday’s Options Ideas

Our closing thoughts in Friday’s premarket report were in regard to the activity we were seeing in the VXX. It was trending several percentage points above its 50DMA and we went ahead and signals our interest in tracking the VXX $20-22 Calls, with an accompanying idea of SPY $206-203 Puts.

For the second Friday in a row, the options chains of this ETN and ETF provided us with the chance to pull down huge single-session gains:

$20 Calls – Trading Range: 1.09-3.74  – Max Gain: 243%
$20.50 Calls – Trading Range: .75-3.20  – Max Gain: 327%
$21 Calls – Trading Range: .44-2.69 – Max Gain: 511%
$21.50 Calls – Trading Range: .11-.2.29 – Max Gain: 1981%
$22 Calls – Trading Range: .11-1.84 – Max Gain: 1572%

The SPY Puts also worked out, although the potential gains weren’t quite as dramatic. For example the $203.50 Puts ran from .54-1.99; a comparatively modest, yet still excellent intraday move of 268%

We did a quick video highlighting these and a few other great calls made last week:

Another Big Chatroom Play

As our regular readers are aware, we’ve been calling more attention to the daily live traders chats that we conduct on Skype (Send contact request to ‘stocksumo‘ to join in!) so folks have a chance to get in on some of the hot plays that get presented to the room. For the third time in the past few weeks, chatroom member ‘DJ’ produced a gem. The following snapshot from Thursday afternoon’s chat contains his signal to the group:

What happened subsequent to that on Friday morning was nothing short of jaw-dropping. RGDXQ simply exploded as it came out of the gate at a low of .0024 and soared an impressive 900% to the high-of-day at .024 early on in the session. That was followed by a few significant swings later on as well. Excellent work by DJ in giving us the early-warning on that one!

Our current trader’s chats are free and open to anyone for a limited time only, so get on Skype and send a contact request to ‘stocksumo‘ to join in!

HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc. HPTG

We had HPTG tagged in Friday’s morning report as well, and despite a pullback early on in the session the stock did make a nice rebound. After dipping to .0032 it regained ground back to .0048, which amounts to a 50% swing. The close came just a couple of ticks below at .0046, so we’ll definitely leave this stock on our radars for the time being.

The PR that helped fuel Friday’s activity (link below) highlighted a pair of significant acquisitions made by HPTG, so we’ll also be interested to track that aspect of the story.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BIEL Recap, VAPE & More

BioElectronics Corp. BIEL

BIEL was a big winner among the stocks that we were monitoring following yesterday morning’s report. The stock traded in a range from .001-.0025, registering as an excellent 150% intraday move. It occurred on the highest daily volume recorded in more than 8 months, to the tune of nearly 11X its monthly average.

After seeing that kind of momentum building up, we’re curious as to how the action will unfold. If BIEL can maintain support above previous resistance at .0016 on any pullbacks, we’ll continue to reserve a spot for it on our watchlist.

Vape Holdings, Inc. VAPE

VAPE has turned out to be an excellent bottom-bounce call for us. After re-highlighting it in yesterday’s report we saw a nice 31% intraday pop from .052-.068, which also registered a new high since we’ve been following the stock.

We first brought this one up in our reports just over a week ago when we put it on bottom-watch, and last Tuesday it set a new annual low of .021. From that point on it has recorded higher highs and higher lows each day. As of yesterday’s new high, we had witnessed a one week swing of 224%

PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. ROTH

We also want to quickly point out a stock that we’ve been tracking recently which has produced a positive news announcement this morning with regard to its Type-II diabetes treatment, Sucanon(R). ROTH has been largely trading sideways since we tagged it for observation at the end of last week, but we’re going to want to keep a closer watch over the stock on the heels of this morning’s PR.

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Oct 13, 2015) – PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. (OTC PINK: ROTH), the exclusive producer, marketer & distributor of Sucanon®, an oral Type-II Diabetes treatment, announced today that Sucanon® has been approved for over the counter sales in Canada as a natural health product. The approval comes through Health Canada, the regulating health-care agency of Canada. >>FULL PR

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IWEB, ZLCS & Extended Watchlist

Most of you will recall our coverage of IWEB, which began on July 9thand lasted through August. During that time, we saw the stock make a nice move off of its then-52 week lows, traversing its way from a low of .023 all the way up to .042, an 83% overall move, while also posting several hundred percent in cumulative gains during that time.You might also remember our outlining of the company’s aspirations to make the shift from cloud storage alone, to a full-range cloud services provider, and today, we received confirmation that the transition has been achieved, with the completion of the company’s most recent acquisition.

This is occurring shortly after we’ve seen IWEB come off of a new 52-week low, so the timing on this could actually work in our favor. We are going to have IWEB on bottom-watch as it searches for a base here, as well as watching for reaction to the good things the company obviously has going on behind the scenes.

STERLING, Va., Oct 01, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB, Inc. – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Computers and Tele-Comm, Inc. and KC-NAP, LLC of Kansas City (collectively “CTC”). Details will be filed in a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission. >>> FULL STORY

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Zalicus, Inc. ZLCS

We caught ZLCS at a low of .78 last Friday, and mentioned it once again yesterday morning as we believed the stock was in for “another substantial move upward”. The stock did indeed turn in a nice performance yesterday, hitting a high of 1.20, a 17% intraday move, and an increase of 54% from Friday’s low. Rapid increases over such a short time period for a NASDAQ-traded stock are impressive to say the least.

In addition to another fruitful trading session with regard to price-per-share, ZLCS landed us an honorable mention on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble for picking the stock with the highest daily dollar volume.

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