IWEB, ZLCS & Extended Watchlist

Most of you will recall our coverage of IWEB, which began on July 9thand lasted through August. During that time, we saw the stock make a nice move off of its then-52 week lows, traversing its way from a low of .023 all the way up to .042, an 83% overall move, while also posting several hundred percent in cumulative gains during that time.You might also remember our outlining of the company’s aspirations to make the shift from cloud storage alone, to a full-range cloud services provider, and today, we received confirmation that the transition has been achieved, with the completion of the company’s most recent acquisition.

This is occurring shortly after we’ve seen IWEB come off of a new 52-week low, so the timing on this could actually work in our favor. We are going to have IWEB on bottom-watch as it searches for a base here, as well as watching for reaction to the good things the company obviously has going on behind the scenes.

STERLING, Va., Oct 01, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB, Inc. – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Computers and Tele-Comm, Inc. and KC-NAP, LLC of Kansas City (collectively “CTC”). Details will be filed in a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission. >>> FULL STORY

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Zalicus, Inc. ZLCS

We caught ZLCS at a low of .78 last Friday, and mentioned it once again yesterday morning as we believed the stock was in for “another substantial move upward”. The stock did indeed turn in a nice performance yesterday, hitting a high of 1.20, a 17% intraday move, and an increase of 54% from Friday’s low. Rapid increases over such a short time period for a NASDAQ-traded stock are impressive to say the least.

In addition to another fruitful trading session with regard to price-per-share, ZLCS landed us an honorable mention on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble for picking the stock with the highest daily dollar volume.

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WILD, ALVR, EFUT & Extended Watchlist

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD
WILD continues to earn itself top billing in our morning reports with its performance. Since we first mentioned the stock on Thursday,we’ve seen an impressive range from a low of .35 to yesterday’s high of .565, a 61% increase. From yesterday’s low alone (.41), traders could have seen gains of up to 38%  Our call earned us an honorable mention on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble for high volume.

The stock broke through its previous resistance and closed on a bullish note, just a few ticks below the high-of-day. As you can see on the chart, several factors seem to indicate a stock that still has some room to grow.

Yesterday we stated that we were looking for higher lows and highers highs to remain interested in this play. That’s just what we got, and we’ll be on the lookout for the same thing today. The next key areas of resistance are pointed out below, with the most immediate obstacle at .64.

Watchlist Gainers

We had a pair of winners on yesterday’s Extended Watchlist as well, in the form of EFUT and ALVR.

EFUT ran fast out of the gate, and quick-witted traders could have been in at 4.15 and out at the subsequent 6.00-high for gains of up to 45%

ALVR made an even more impressive move, running 87% intraday from an early morning low of .7311 to the high of 1.37 just prior to lunchtime.

Options Trading Ideas

- Best Buy (BBY) released earnings that exceeded expectations on the Street and is in the process of a pre-market gap-up. As a result, we’ll be monitoring the in-the-money Calls on BBY during today’s session with a strike price at $33.50 and below.

- We’re also still looking at VCLK to continue to recover from a poor earnings report, as we mentioned the $24 09/21 Calls yesterday. These are not especially time sensitive, with an expiration date late next month, so this is more of a longer-term interest that we will be following in the coming weeks.

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IWEB, WILD & Extended Watchlist


IWEB responded well to yesterday’s news like we thought it might, as the stock provided us with an early-morning move of 18% from .034 to .04. It was not able to get past resistance at four cents, and although we did see a consolidation off of that high, the stock was able to maintain higher lows and closed up 6.5% on the day.

As we were mentioning yesterday, the company has been great about announcing each new member of its growing roster of major clients. For the second day in a row we have another such announcement, as iterated in the PR below.

STERLING, Va., Aug 15, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB Storage Corporation – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that the Company has been selected to provide a private cloud storage infrastructure to a prestigious Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) university.

The University chose two 32TB IceWEB 2000 2U unified storage appliances; one to house video recordings from sporting events and one to be deployed at a remote data center for a disaster recovery copy. The faculty and staff will utilize IceBOX(TM), in conjunction with the IceWEB 2000 storage appliances, to provide BYOD anywhere access to the video archives. The coaching staff, administrators and athletes will be able to stream video content from their smartphones and tablets directly to video monitors in virtually any location on or off campus.

This marks the third prestigious university to retain IceWEB as a Cloud Services Provider inside of the last month. Regarding the chart, .04 has been acting as key resistance, followed by the previous swing high of .042. We’re looking for support to hold at yesterday’s low of .034. Below that, the 10 & 20DMA’s of .032 and .033 respectively.

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD

WILD is a play that we have added to our radar this week. The stock has just begun to start trading volume, and is the current subject of a round of promotion. We’ve spotted WILD appearing in newsletters, and with the chart waking up, we are going to keep our eyes peeled for any possible opportunities that might bring.

A break of the 200DMA at .404 would send this play into a Blue-Sky Breakout

Extended Watchlist:

BRND, IWEB, GSS & Extended Watchlist

Premier Brands, Inc. BRND
While being cautious for a turnaround, we stated yesterday afternoon that should BRND manage to close at or near its high of day, that momentum could continue over into today. That’s just what happened, as the stock turned in a wildly impressive performance for the day, rocketing from a low of .0043, to as high .016 before closing out the day at .0155. Total intraday gains of 272% were possible.

For our shrewd alert of BRND we were rewarded handsomely, and as recognition for that, for the second time this week, we were named the #1 stock-pickers on Penny Stock Rumble.

We will repeat ourselves in our assessment of BRND moving forward. A stock which spikes this much in such a short time-span is always at risk of a pullback, so caution should be used. That said, we also will be monitoring closely, because another strong close at or near the high of day today could signal a carryover of momentum into next week.

ICEweb, Inc. IWEB

This week has been an exciting one. For those who may have missed it, IWEB is another stock that earned us the top spot on Penny Stock Rumble. On Wednesday morning, we put out Tuesday’s intraday chart showing the possibilities we saw for gains out of IWEB. They amounted to gains as much as 48% from .024-.0355, then several bounceplay opportunities followed, from .029-.0315. (8%), .028-.0335 (20%), & .0282-.033 (17%).

Golden Star Resources, Inc. GSS
GSS appeared on our extended watchlist from yesterday, having just come off of its 52-week lows. The stock was as low as .425 before hitting a high of .4985  A recent swing high of .5488 is going to be the next key resistance area for this gold play.

Extended Watchlist:
IGOI, ALVR, CETV, PPHM, FLST(Watching for a potential bounce setup)

LGBS, MTG, FONR & Extended Watchlist

Legends Business Group, Inc. LGBS

We like the chart on LGBS, another new play that stood out to us today as a good chart-play. The RSI has been holding firm having recently bounced off of the 50-line and getting ready to pass the 50MA overlay. There has been a solid level of support in the .0028 (100DMA) range, The histogram recently flipped up to the bullish side, and the PPO had a bullish crossover. We want to keep an eye on this play this week, as chart conditions are looking pretty ripe.


MGIC Investment Corp.  MTG

This morning we caught MTG on our scanner, as it is trading up 20% pre-market. Taking a look at the chart, there is a large gap to fill from the beginning of August, when the stock fell from the 2.50 range, on down to .66. Considering the fact that the stock is, today, gapping up past September’s resistance, there is a fair possibility that we could see MTG continue to rally to the two dollar range, where it could fill its gap.

We’ve pointed out the gap on the chart below for your convenience. 


Fonar Corp. FONR

Also gapping up this morning is FONR, a stock that made a big run earlier this year, trading as low as 1.81 in March, and rocketing to a high of 6.80 in April. The company released some really encouraging news this morning regarding some extremely heightened financials. We want to keep an eye on FONR moving forward as we see how this promising news affects the current momentum.

MELVILLE, NY, Oct 01, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ: FONR), The Inventor of MR Scanning(TM), reported today its year-end financial results for the year-ended June 30, 2012. The Company has now had nine straight quarters of profitability. For the 2012 fiscal year as compared to the 2011 fiscal year, the Company made improvements in revenues and profit across both of its operating segments, those being the UPRIGHT(R) MRI segment that includes product sales, service and repair fees, and HMCA, its STAND-UP(R) MRI center management subsidiary. All of these utilize the FONAR UPRIGHT(R) Multi-Position(TM) MRI which is also known as the STAND-UP(R) MRI. >>FULL STORY

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